Flavored kauai coffee

The Best Flavored Coffee Comes From Kauai

Preparing a cup of coffee just the way you like it is one of life's simple pleasures. From the scent of freshly roasted beans to the buzz of the grinder and the gentle drip of java hitting the pot, brewing coffee is a sensory experience from start to finish. However, if your daily coffee routine is feeling a little stale, adding flavored coffee to your regular rotation is a great way to change it up and add excitement.

From tropical coconut to traditional hazelnut and gourmet dessert flavors, Kauai Coffee has the best flavored coffee options for every palate. Our 100% Hawaiian coffees are roasted to perfection and combined with all-natural flavoring for a unique and delicious coffee experience.

kauai coffee traditional flavored coffee. Three blue bags of kauai coffee sit on a wooden table. A blurred image of Hanalei bay is visible in the background

Traditional Flavored Coffee

If you enjoy a hint of hazelnut or caramel in your coffee, these traditional flavors combined with our 100% Hawaiian coffee are perfect for you.

Hawaiian Hazelnut Coffee

You will love our Hawaiian Hazelnut coffee if you enjoy rich, nutty undertones in your coffee. One sip of this delicious brew will bring back those nostalgic flavors of your favorite breakfast cafe. This medium roast coffee is smooth and balanced with a warm and inviting aroma.

Salted Caramel

If your go-to dessert comes covered in warm, luscious caramel, Salted Caramel Kauai Coffee is the perfect morning or afternoon treat for you. With a touch of salt, this coffee is the perfect combination of sweet and delectable.

Irish Crème (seasonal)

Velvety smooth sweet cream and tropical vanilla layered with our medium roast coffee is a match made in paradise. You'll be transported to the emerald cliffs of Kauai at first sip! Kauai Coffee Irish Crème is a seasonal flavor. Look for it online in March.

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Tropical Flavored Coffee

We're not shy about claiming the title of best flavored coffee because our island-inspired flavors are exceptionally delicious and uniquely Kauai. Every bag has a taste of paradise and a touch of aloha.

Coconut Caramel Crunch

If a cup of coffee could taste like a perfect day at the beach, this one is it. Nutty caramel blended with tropical coconut and 100% Hawaiian coffee is a combination you can't beat. This cup of coffee is brimming with tropical sunshine, and we frequently hear from our coffee 'ohana that Coconut Caramel Crunch coffee is what turned them or family members into regular coffee drinkers - it's that good! In Hawaii, you'll often hear the word 'ono. It means delicious, and Kauai Coffee Coconut Caramel Crunch may be the most 'ono coffee out there!

Vanilla Macadamia Nut & Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Clusters of toasted macadamia nuts covered in silky milk chocolate are a beloved Hawaiian treat. We've taken the classic combination to another level by adding it to our 100% Hawaiian coffee. Brewing up a cup of this coffee will instantly transport you to paradise and maybe even bring up some feelings of nostalgia from your visits to Hawaii, or treats a loved one brought to you after one of theirs. Our Vanilla Macadamia Nut coffee swaps tropical vanilla for chocolate in an equally tantalizing and tasty treat. Try them both for an authentic taste of Kauai.

Toasty Banana Nut Cream

Hawaii roadsides are dotted with produce stands. Pull up to one, and you will likely find a selection of fresh fruits, vegetables, and eggs. Pull up at the right time, and you'll also find toasty banana bread made with sweet, local bananas. Our Toasty Banana Nut Cream flavored coffee puts this experience into a hot cup of Hawaiian coffee. It is a one-of-a-kind Hawaiian coffee that will take you by surprise!

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Unique Seasonal Flavors

Our seasonal flavored coffees are roasted in small batches and only available for a short time each year. Join the Kauai Coffee mailing list to know when seasonal favorites and new flavors are in stock.

Hawaiian Pumpkin Pie

Our tropical take on pumpkin coffee combines all-natural flavors and 100% Kauai Coffee to deliver a smooth sipping experience with a heavenly sweet and spicy aroma. With just one taste, you'll be transported to a Hawaiian Holiday around your tutu's (grandmother's) table.

Apple Cinnamon Malasada

Picture yourself here – It's Saturday night in Hawaii. The sunset is golden, clouds are settling over the mountains, and the trade winds are warm and breezy. In the distance, you can hear live ukulele or slack key guitar music and decide to check it out. As you get closer to the music and the sun drops below the horizon, you start to smell something delicious and see a series of tents and food trucks lining the street. You have stumbled across an art night market! Night markets are worth exploring for many reasons, but there is one local delicacy you can find at nearly every night market that you won't want to skip – malasadas. Malasadas are crispy, pillowy Portuguese-style doughnuts.

These decadent delights are then tossed in a brown paper bag of cinnamon and sugar and served piping hot. There is almost nothing better than ripping into a fresh malasada and enjoying the sights and sounds of a night market in Hawaii. Our Apple Cinnamon Malasada flavored 100% Kauai Coffee is a tribute to this simple pleasure that returns to our store for a limited time in early spring. Look for it around February or March.

Paradise Mango Twist

Our Paradise Mango Twist flavored coffee is an unexpected and delightful combination of our 100% Hawaiian coffee and a hint of juicy mango, vanilla, and chocolate. It is refreshing, unique, and a little bit of sunshine in a mug! Order online today.

Brewberry Crumble

Take your taste buds to breakfast in paradise! Our Brewberry Crumble flavored coffee combines the flavors of sweet and jammy berries and freshly baked buttery pastry for a 100% Hawaiian coffee treat.

Chocolate Strawberry

Looking for flavored coffee that tastes like dessert? How about 100% Hawaiian coffee with a touch of ripe strawberry and decadent milk chocolate? With a smooth, delicious flavor and amazing aroma, each cup is a truly satisfying experience!

two blue bags of kauai coffee holiday flavored coffee sit on a wooden table with a blue kauai coffee mug. a blurred image of two palm trees and a pine tree are visible in the background

Holiday Flavors

We may not have snow or mistletoe in Hawaii, but the holidays are a magical time of year across the islands. Tropical trees get dressed up in lights, the ocean is a little colder, and humpback whales playfully breach and splash just off the shore. Holiday flavored coffee is stocked in November and can sell quickly, so stay on top of emails and notifications to know when it is available.

Chocolate Mistletoe

This delightful holiday flavor combines rich chocolate and coffee with a sweet peppermint twist. Enjoy Chocolate Mistletoe with whipped cream and a peppermint stick, or pour it over vanilla ice cream for a minty mocha affogato.

Holiday Spice

Nothing warms up a chilly day or cup of coffee like a kick of ginger! 100% Kauai Coffee Holiday Spice is a medium roast coffee and tastes like a fresh-baked gingerbread cookie. With notes of cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg Holiday Spice is the perfect cup for a relaxing morning or after-dinner treat!

three bags of decaf kauai coffee sit on a wooden table. the bags are flavored decaf and a blurred image of polihale beach is visible in the background

Flavored Decaf Coffee

Caffeinated coffee drinkers shouldn't have all the flavored coffee fun! So, if you like to minimize your caffeine intake but still want to enjoy premium, 100% Hawaiian coffee with a hint of tropical flavor, our Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee comes in two of our most popular flavors! Try decaf Coconut Caramel Crunch and decaf Vanilla Macadamia Nut today. Swiss Water Processed Kauai Coffee is 99.9% caffeine free and delicious.

If you're ready to upgrade your coffee routine, 100% Kauai Coffee with a hint of flavor is a great way to go. Explore our entire collection of flavored coffees and premium Estate Reserve coffees online now.