A Decade of Excellence: Kauai Coffee Voted Best Hawaiian Coffee Grower for Tenth Year

A Decade of Excellence: Kauai Coffee Voted Best Hawaiian Coffee Grower for Tenth Year

Kauai Coffee Company has been honored as the Best Coffee Grower in the All Islands category of the 2024 HAWAII Magazine Readers' Choice Awards for the tenth time. This recognition from HAWAII Magazine Readers and coffee drinkers is a testament to the dedication of our 'ohana at Kauai Coffee. From the orchard staff who nurture every tree to the teams that meticulously harvest, process, roast, pack orders, and greet every visitor, their commitment to our craft makes Kauai Coffee a cup above. 

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"Winning the Best Coffee Grower title for the tenth time is not just an honor; it's a reflection of our ongoing commitment to excellence and sustainability," said Wayne Katayama, Acting General Manager at Kauai Coffee. "We are deeply grateful to the readers of HAWAII Magazine and all our patrons who continue to support our commitment to producing the best Hawaiian coffee," Mr. Katayama continued.

In 2015 and 2016, Kauai Coffee was selected as the Readers' Choice in the 'Best Hawaiian Grown Coffee' category and has been named the Best Coffee Grower in the All-Islands category since 2017, when the category name was changed. This year, Kauai Coffee also placed first in the Kauai Island category for Best Farm Tour and Best Store for Souvenirs.

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What Makes Kauai Coffee the Best Hawaiian Coffee?

Unlike other Hawaiian coffee growers, Kauai Coffee manages every step of the coffee production process for our 100% Hawaiian coffees, from seed to cup. This ensures high-quality and consistency in every bean. Learn more about what makes Kauai Coffee some of Hawaii’s best!

Sustainable Farming Practices at the Heart of Hawaiian Coffee

Sustainability is at the core of Kauai Coffee's operations. Our 3,100-acre estate is a prime example of environmental stewardship, utilizing practices that maintain the island's rich soil health, ensure safe working conditions, and reduce the need for herbicide use. From cover cropping and composting to conserving water with drip irrigation systems, every step in the coffee-growing process is designed with sustainability in mind. These initiatives not only enhance the quality of our coffee but also ensure that the beauty of Kauai remains intact for generations to come.

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Additionally, since 2018, Kauai Coffee has earned the unique distinction of being triple certified by leading sustainability advocates. Our 100% Hawaiian coffees are:

  • Non-GMO Project Verified: For more than ten years, Non-GMO Project verification has been the market's trusted seal for GMO avoidance. At Kauai Coffee, we harvest many unique coffee varietals on our 3,100-acre Kauai Farm; each plant is as authentic as nature intended.
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified™: The Rainforest Alliance certified seal stands for efficient farm management that reduces soil erosion, water use, pollution, and waste while protecting wildlife and reducing threats to the environment and human health. We preserve our island's natural beauty and biodiversity by practicing sustainable farming methods such as on-site composting, cover crop usage, and water conservation.
  • Fair Trade USA Certified™: Fair Trade Certified goods provide safe working conditions and sustainable livelihoods while protecting the environment and giving back to the communities where coffee is cultivated. At Kauai Coffee, 'ohana (family) is central to everything we do. We respect our associates by providing fair wages, health care, retirement savings plans, and a safe working environment.

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The Rich Flavors of Kauai

Kauai Coffee's success is deeply rooted in the island's unique climatic conditions, which create an ideal environment for growing exceptional Hawaiian coffee. The volcanic soil, natural rainfall, and ample sunshine contribute to the distinctive taste profiles of our coffee, characterized by smooth, rich flavors with hints of tropical notes. Each batch of coffee is carefully crafted to preserve these unique flavors, offering a taste of Kauai in every cup.

the kauai coffee fair trade committee distributes funds to selected nonprofits and community organizations from Fair Trade premium

Community and Culture

Behind every bag of Kauai Coffee is a community of dedicated employees passionate about coffee excellence. We pride ourselves on the deep relationships formed among team members and with the local community. This sense of 'ohana is integral to our company philosophy and success. 

Buying Fair Trade USA Certified Kauai Coffee directly supports the Kauai community. In 2023, The Kauai Coffee Fair Trade Committee dispersed $180,000 in Community Development funds to local organizations and staff. Last year, these six charitable organizations received a check for over $17,000! Your Kauai Coffee purchases supported:

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Experience Kauai Coffee Firsthand

Visitors to the island are welcome to explore the Kauai Coffee estate through self-guided and guided tours that offer an immersive experience in coffee production. From walking through the display orchards to tasting freshly roasted coffee, these tours provide a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to create our award-winning Hawaiian coffee.

Looking to the Future

As we look forward to the next decade, Kauai Coffee remains focused on enhancing sustainable practices and continuing to produce exceptionally smooth and delicious Hawaiian coffee. Each year, Kauai Coffee adapts and evolves, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the Hawaiian coffee industry and a Hawaiian coffee fan favorite.

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Join Us in Celebration

Reflecting on ten years of recognition, we look forward to many more years of producing outstanding coffee and upholding the traditions that make Kauai Coffee a leader in our industry. Join us in celebrating this remarkable journey and enjoy the unparalleled taste of Kauai Coffee. Plan your visit to the estate or savor a cup of our premium 100% Hawaiian coffee at home. For more information about Kauai Coffee, visit our website and follow us on social media to stay current.

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