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Halloween Candy and Coffee Pairing

If you're a zombie before you've had your morning cup of that black magic known as coffee, this month is the perfect time to make something scary delicious with your favorite witches brew. Treat your taste buds to a Kauai Coffee and Halloween candy pairing or get into the spooky spirit with these festive drink and dessert recipes.

How to Pair Coffee and Halloween Candy

There is no doubt about it; Hawaiian coffee is a delightful drink to sip anytime, but it is especially tasty when paired with a sweet Halloween treat. Knowing how to pair different coffee notes and flavors with desserts like an expert can make the coffee-drinking experience even more enjoyable. So how do you match coffee and sweets like an expert? It is not as hard as you may think.
Na Pali Coast Dark Roast Coffee and Chocolate Nougat Candy

A straightforward method for pairing coffee with food is to look for flavors that are similar and will layer well to build depth. Coffee with caramel or vanilla notes will pair well with caramel or toffee-based candies. Another way to pair coffee and food like an expert is to look for flavors that will create contrast. Try pairing a coffee with notes of berry or citrus with dark chocolate. The brightness of the coffee will contrast with the rich and creamy chocolate for a complex flavor profile. Here are a few Kauai Coffee and candy pairings we recommend.

Na Pali Coast Dark Roast Coffee and Chocolate, Caramel, Nougat Bars One sip of Na Pali Coast Dark Roast will take your taste buds to paradise. This smooth and delicious coffee has a fantastic aroma and nutty flavor notes with a sweet chocolate overtone. Pair Na Pali Coast Dark Roast with candy bars that contain chocolate, caramel, or nougat for layers of flavor.

Typica Medium Roast and Peanut Butter Candy Medium Roast Typica is sweet-toned and delicately complex with bright flavor notes of ripe berries. It is an excellent companion to peanut and nut butter-based candies. No tricks about it – this combination is a grown-up peanut butter and jelly treat.

Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Typica and chocolate peanut butter candy

Coconut Caramel Crunch and Chocolate Coconut Bars If you're crazy for coconut, layer our sweet and nutty Caramel Coconut Crunch Coffee with Chocolate and Coconut Candy Bars. It's a tropical candy and coffee pairing that will warm you up like a Poipu Beach day after a chilly night of trick-or-treating.

Vanilla Macadamia Nut and Candy Corn We're not being corny! The honey and vanilla flavors of the most contentions Halloween candy makes a devilishly good pair with the sweet and nutty notes of Vanilla Macadamia Nut Coffee. Love candy corn or hate it, this couple is a match made in Halloween candy heaven! Island

Sunrise Mild Roast or Kope Olenalena and Chewy Fruit Candy Medium-light roast Kope Olenalena and mild Island Sunrise are smooth, mellow, and easy to drink. Pair them with the sweet and sour punch of chewy fruit candy for a contrast of flavors that will tantalize your taste buds.

Island Sunrise Coffee and chewy fruit halloween candy

Scary Good Coffee Recipes

Are you limiting your candy intake this year? You can still get into the spooky spirit with these scary good coffee drinks and Halloween treats. Use your favorite Kauai Coffee in our Candy Apple Cider Latte, Broomsticks Butterscotch Sauce, and Scary Good Kauai Coffee Brownies! Shop, Subscribe and Save Fill your kitchen (or cauldron!) with all of your favorite Kauai Coffee offerings. Visit our online store for artisan-crafted, small-batch coffees, Estate Reserve, and all 100% Kauai Coffee products. Subscribe and save with the Kauai Coffee subscription experience. Get 100% Kauai Coffee delivered to your door on your schedule so you'll never be low on aloha again.
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