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Five Reasons to Try a Kauai Coffee Subscription

Is there anything better than settling into your morning routine or workday with a fresh cup of coffee? We'd argue that almost nothing beats that simple joy except knowing you'll never have to miss it! Kauai Coffee subscriptions deliver fresh, 100% Hawaiian coffee directly to your door with flexibility and ease, so you'll never be low on aloha. Learn more about what to look for in a coffee subscription, our plans, and five reasons you should subscribe and save today! woman drinking coffee from large kauai coffee mug

Riding the Coffee Waves - What to Consider When Picking a Coffee Subscription

If you're a regular coffee drinker considering a subscription, you have undoubtedly heard the terms first, second, and third-wave coffee. These terms broadly refer to coffee trends we have seen ebb and flow since the early 1900s. First wave coffee generally refers to the emergence of coffee as a commodity and factory production, making it readily available. Second wave coffee trends include cafe culture, a shift toward higher-quality coffees, and enjoying barista-made specialty beverages at branded cafes. Finally, third wave coffee took off with the development of the Specialty Coffee Association and more focus on the specific variety, origin, farming practices, roast profile, and the natural terroir of the coffee bean itself. unboxing kauai coffee haul So, why is this essential information to know when considering a coffee subscription? Up until now, coffee trends have focused on availability, quality, experience, and specialty. But, as we enter the fourth wave, coffee trends will be all about you, the consumer, and bringing what we have learned in the previous waves directly to your door. Today you can order specialty coffee directly from farmers worldwide or roasters in your local community. It's also easy to get your hands on professional tools and machines to help you make barista-quality drinks at home. So, when you are looking for a coffee subscription, consider factors such as origin, traceability, variety, roast profile, or anything else that is important to you. Planting seedlings at the Kauai Coffee nursery

Five Reasons to Choose a Kauai Coffee Subscription

Kauai Coffee is Sustainably Grown Kauai Coffee Company is not only the largest coffee farm in the USA but has also earned the unique distinction of producing 100% Hawaiian coffee that is triple certified by leading sustainability advocates. So, when you drink Kauai Coffee, you're choosing coffee that is not only Fair Trade Certified™ but also better for people, plants, and our planet. Kauai Coffee is Single-Origin and Traceable Single-origin coffee is often associated with higher quality because you can trace it back to how and where it was grown. Our 100% Hawaiian coffee is verifiable single-origin, and remains on-premises under our care for the duration of its growth and production. In other words, we can verify your coffee was grown, picked, and processed on our estate only. Traceability also offers assurance your coffee was produced ethically and sustainably. [caption id="attachment_4194" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Kauai Coffee Roast Plant supervisor Tadashi M. roasts a small batch for cupping and quality control Kauai Coffee Roast Plant supervisor Tadashi M. roasts a small batch for cupping and quality control[/caption] Kauai Coffee is Artisan Roasted Our roast masters roast every Kauai Coffee bean to perfection. We are lucky to have some of the best coffee roasters in the business. In fact, of the twelve licensed Q graders in Hawaii, we are fortunate to have two on staff. Together they lead our exceptional roasting team and ensure perfectly roasted, island-grown coffee is delivered to you and your family every time. young woman drinking Kauai coffee from a white porcelain mug. There is a calendar and home office space in the background Kauai Coffee Subscription is Flexible The last few years have shown us that things can change instantly, and flexibility is the new normal. Kauai Coffee subscriptions allow you to choose your preferred coffee, roast, grind, quantity, and a delivery schedule that fits your life. Kauai Coffee Subscriptions Save Money! You can save up to 15% on your order when you sign up for monthly delivery! Not ready for coffee every month? No problem. You can choose a delivery window of up to 90 days and still receive a discount on your total order.

Kauai Coffee Subscription Plans

Kauai Coffee subscriptions are easy to start. Simply select your plan, preferences, bag size, quantity, and delivery schedule. kauai coffee estate reserve Estate Reserve Experience Coffees in our Estate Reserve Collection are hand-selected beans from the top 5% of our crop. These coffees include single-origin varietals and unique offerings any Hawaiian coffee connoisseur will love. Island Experience 100% Kauai Coffee is available in regular, decaf, and popular Hawaiian flavors like Coconut Caramel Crunch, Vanilla Macadamia Nut, Toasty Banana Nut Cream, and more! Monthly Coffee Club Want to expand your Hawaiian Coffee palate and try new things? The monthly coffee club experience makes subscription even easier! Choose from our assorted, dark, or medium roast plans, and you will receive one 10oz bag of Estate Reserve coffee every month. Start your Kauai Coffee subscription today, and you'll never be low on aloha again!
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