7 Valentine’s Day Coffee Date Ideas

7 Valentine’s Day Coffee Date Ideas

Being in the coffee business, we know something about being in love. Growing Hawaiian coffee takes a great deal of aloha and passion, and many of life's most cherished friendships and relationships begin over a shared brew. From first date jitters fueled by caffeine to the steady routine of a morning mug shared with a long-time love, coffee is one of our greatest connectors. So, this Valentine's Day, meet someone new, laugh with an old friend, or connect with a loved one with these coffee date ideas.

Kauai Coffee employee cupping coffee in the lab

Host a Coffee Tasting

Laughing and learning together is a great way to connect on Valentine's Day. So why not learn more about coffee and how to taste like a pro together? Cupping is a professional coffee-tasting technique employed by farmers, roasters, buyers, and Q graders to test and ensure the quality of a particular coffee.

With some practice, you can use cupping techniques at home to taste coffee and identify the essential elements of flavor (aroma, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance, uniformity, and sweetness) in each of your favorite brews.

Recommendation: Learn more about coffee cupping here and compare single origin varietals like Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Typica, Mundo Novo, Red Catuai, and Kauai Blue Mountain.

a kauai coffee mug and bag of vanilla macadamia nut coffee sit on a small tv table. A wall mounted tv is visible in the background

Lights, Camera, Coffee

Movie nights are a fun and timeless date-night tradition and adding a coffee pairing is a great way to perk up the evening. So, snuggle up with your favorite person, pick a flick, pop some corn, and brew some beans for a date night in. Bonus points if your movie has an iconic coffee scene! ("This drink, I like it. ANOTHER!" – Thor)

Recommendation: Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Peaberry - Sweet fragrance with hints of lemon. Pairs well with snacks, sweets, and popcorn!

a bag of kauai coffee cold brew along with two mason jars full of coffee lay on a striped beach blanket

Coffee Picnic

One of the best things about coffee is that it can go just about anywhere you go! Grab your date, pack a picnic, and enjoy a day together at your favorite beach, park, or trail.

Recommendation: Kauai Coffee Cold Brew - specially crafted for cold brewing. All you need is cold water and time for a rich, complex, and delicious concoction.

diy coffee body scrub sits in a small black vessel. Coffee beans and plumeria flowers are strewn about in the background

DIY Coffee Crafts

Sharing your creative interests and hobbies with a friend, date, or loved one is a great way to spend quality time together. So, plan a DIY craft date and spend the day creating art together! Coffee and coffee packaging are great artistic media, and sipping coffee while you work might get those creative juices flowing!

Recommendation: 100% Kauai Coffee Vanilla Macadamia Nut - Vanilla beans with toasted macadamia nuts and 100% Hawaiian coffee

a young man makes kauai coffee at home with an espresso machine

Barista Challenge

What's love or friendship without a little friendly competition? This Valentine's Day, select a coffee, gather your favorite syrups and toppings, and challenge your sweetheart to an at-home coffee-making competition. Score your creations and write down the recipe for the winning combination so you can enjoy it together whenever you like.

Recommendation: 100% Kauai Coffee Medium Roast - bright aroma with light floral notes or Kauai Estate Reserve Poipu Estate Espresso Roast - Delicate but deep aroma, floral, with a well-rounded, full body that adds to the buttery mouthfeel.

a large white kauai coffee mug is held out by an arm. Poipu beach is visible in the background with sparkling blue water

Go on a Coffee Walk

Walking is excellent for your health and your heart! Just 30 minutes of moderate walking daily can improve brain function and memory, reduce the risk of heart disease, and increase creativity. In addition, taking a brisk coffee walk with a dear friend or loved one can improve mood and decrease anxiety. So, fill up your cup, call a friend, and hit your nearest sidewalk, bike path, or hiking trail to refresh and connect.

Recommendation: Estate Reserve Kauai Sunrise - Toasty, nutty with subtle hints of chocolate or Aunty Aloha - Sweet floral notes of rose & jasmine with a finish of clove & anise

a mug of kauai coffee sits on a table with two scones. The scores are decorated with valentines' day hearts and frosting

Make Breakfast for Dinner

Americans are known to drink coffee throughout the day; however, more often than not, coffee is consumed with breakfast. The bold, rich, and roasted flavors of your favorite bean pair so well with the sweet and savory elements in a full breakfast spread. Instead of preparing or going out for a traditional dinner on Valentine's Day, spend your evening making a hearty, filling, and fun breakfast-for-dinner together. From pancakes and crepes to omelets and benedicts, making breakfast for dinner is a delicious and nutritious date night you can enjoy together.

Recommendation: Estate Reserve Polihale Sunset - Malty, bakers’ cocoa with subtle hints of vanilla bean has a sweet and bright acidity

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, you’ll never be low on aloha when Kauai Coffee is part of your plan. Shop our entire collection of 100% Hawaiian coffee online now.

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