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Kauai Coffee is Hawaiian Coffee That's a Cup Above

Coffee lovers worldwide recognize Hawaiian coffee for its excellent quality and superb flavor, but did you know that coffee is grown in several distinct regions throughout the state? Kona may be the most well-known origin from the Hawaiian Islands, but it isn't the only one! Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu all have unique environments and coffee growing conditions that produce excellent coffee. So, if you love Hawaiian Coffee, it's time to experience the Kauai Coffee Company difference.
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What Makes Kauai Coffee A Cup Above?

Triple Certified Hawaiian Coffee

Kauai Coffee Company is not only the largest coffee farm in the USA but has also earned the unique distinction of producing Hawaiian coffee that is triple certified by leading sustainability advocates. So, when you drink 100% Kauai Coffee, you're choosing coffee that is not only Fair Trade but also better for people, plants, and our planet. We're proud to produce coffee that is:
kauai coffee new packaging with the Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance and Non GMO project seals
  • Non-GMO Project Verified: For more than ten years, The Non-GMO Project verification has been the market's trusted seal for GMO avoidance. At Kauai Coffee, we harvest many unique coffee varietals on our 3,100-acre Kauai Farm; each plant is as authentic as nature intended.
  • Rain Forest Alliance Certified™: The Rainforest Alliance certified seal stands for efficient farm management that reduces soil erosion, water use, pollution, and waste while also protecting wildlife and reducing threats to the environment and human health. We preserve our island's natural beauty and biodiversity by practicing sustainable farming methods such as on-site composting, cover crop usage, and water conservation.
  • Fair Trade Certified™: Fair Trade Certified goods provide safe working conditions and sustainable livelihoods while protecting the environment and giving back to the communities where coffee is cultivated. At Kauai Coffee, 'ohana (family) is at the center of everything we do. We respect our associates by providing fair wages, health care, retirement savings plans, and a safe working environment.
kauai coffee harvesters harvesting coffee

Verified Hawaiian Estate Grown

The coffee grown on our Estate remains on-premises under our care for the duration of its growth and production. Many Hawaiian growers utilize offsite processing and roasting. Further, our beans remain on our estate during the entire process from cultivation, harvesting, milling to roasting.

Verified Single Origin

Single-origin coffee is often associated with higher quality because you can trace it back to how and where it was grown. Much like wine and other agricultural products, the growing conditions, temperature, altitude, and soil in which coffee grows affect the flavors and aromas you experience when you drink it.
Kauai Coffee Roast Plant supervisor Tadashi M. roasts a small batch for cupping and quality control

Quality Control

Q Graders are the equivalent of a wine sommelier to the coffee industry. There are just over 500 Q Graders in the U.S., and Kauai Coffee's two Q Graders meticulously manage the processes of removing defects that affect quality and cupping (professionally tasting), for flavor and aroma. Our Q Graders are experienced, passionate and cup our coffees at three different stages to ensure perfection.

Verified Traceability

Traceability ensures the coffee you buy is produced ethically and sustainably. We have a nine-step process we use to trace each 100% Kauai Coffee bag from when and where it was grown on our 3,000-acre coffee estate.
kauai coffee cherries harvested and ready for processing.

Vertically Integrated

The coffee supply chain can often be complex involving numerous companies handling the farming, harvesting, processing, roasting, and distributing. At Kauai Coffee Company, we nurture each of these processes to ensure the highest quality and most pleasing coffee experience available from seed to cup.
mundo novo kauai coffee ground coffee

Taste the Kauai Coffee Company Difference

"Where is your Kona coffee?” is one question visitors to the Kauai Coffee Estate ask frequently. Much like tequila and champagne come from specific geographical areas, Kona coffee only comes from the Kona coast of Hawaii Island. So, while all coffee grown in Hawaii is Hawaiian coffee, you won't find Kona coffee grown on Kauai or Kauai Coffee grown in Kona. Only Hawaiian coffee grown on our island can be called Kauai Coffee.

If you love Kona and other Hawaiian coffees, try one of these to experience the Kauai Coffee Company difference today! Kauai Blue Mountain is a whole bean, dark roast with mild fruit and floral flavors and brightness. It is the ultimate expression of island coffee - smooth, mild, and subtle with a pleasantly bright aftertaste. Mundo Novo is a rousing cup of coffee! It boasts an expansive flavor profile and a wonderful finish. It is medium-bodied with a crisp, woody, bold flavor, and nutty undertones. Kauai Sunrise combines dark and medium roasted beans, which give this coffee an unmatched aroma. It is toasty and nutty with subtle hints of chocolate.

kauai coffee blue mountain
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