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4 DIY Coffee Crafts You Can Make at Home

Coffee isn't just a comforting hug in a mug – it can also spark your creativity! From cooking and cocktailing to body care, sewing and gardening, you can use Kauai Coffee or repurpose wrappers, containers, and grounds in a variety of coffee crafts. Try these at-home activities and show us your creations! Upload your pictures on the Kauai Coffee Facebook page or tag us @kauaicoffeeco on Instagram. A few lucky crafters may receive a Kauai Coffee surprise! Photo by Wicked Sheila on Unsplash

Kauai Coffee Craft #1: Be a Stay-at-Home Barista or Coffee Chef

If you occasionally grab your morning cuppa from a local shop and are missing your favorite barista, now is the time to brush up your stay-at-home coffee skills. You can use your favorite Kauai Coffee beans and brews to make barista-quality drinks at home. Here are a few of our favorite tips, tricks, and recipes: You can also use Kauai Coffee in a variety of sweet and savory recipes and baked goods. Not feeling up to baking, we get it. Simply pairing your favorite coffee with a sweet treat like an expert can also hit the spot. Try these Kauai Coffee recipes: kauai coffee crafts seed starter. Shutterstock/CarlosR

Kauai Coffee Craft #2: Single-Serve Pod Seed Starters

Get your garden growing by repurposing Kauai Coffee single-serve pods into seed starters! Follow these easy steps:
  1. Gather 10-12 used single-serve Kauai Coffee pods.
  2. Remove the lid and dump out the coffee grounds. If you compost at home, coffee is a safe and nutrient-rich addition to your compost.
  3. Place the empty pods in a shallow box and fill them with potting soil.
  4. Place seeds of your choice into each pod and water according to seed package instructions. You should have healthy sprouts in a few days to a few weeks that you can use to start your garden!
kauai coffee body scrub. Shutterstock/Julia Sudnitskaya

Kauai Coffee Craft #3: Body Scrub

You can also repurpose used Kauai Coffee grounds into a skin-smoothing body scrub. Just make sure to dry out the used grounds before making the scrub! Ingredients
  • 1 cup used coffee grounds (dry)
  • 1 cup sugar or salt
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • Scented essential oils (vanilla, lavender or citrus make great additions)
Instructions Combine the ingredients in a medium-size bowl and store the mixture in an airtight container in your shower or bath. Smooth the scrub on your skin and rinse off for an easy and eco-friendly skin saver! kauai coffee burlap tote

Kauai Coffee Craft #4: Burlap Bag Crafts

Kauai Coffee burlap bags have a unique annual design that makes them excellent collector's items or a special reminder of your visit to the Kauai Coffee Estate. From wall hangings to tote bags, throw pillows to seat covers, we have seen so many creative craft projects made from our burlap bags by Kauai Coffee 'ohana around the world. The bags are approximately 40" x 23" and can be purchased online here. If you'd like to try an easy, hand-stitched craft, we love this coffee bag storage cube/ottoman design from A Piece of Rainbow. Materials:
  • 1 Kauai Coffee burlap bag.
  • Large-Eye Yarn Needle, and multicolored or solid colored yarn
  • Colorful embroidery threads to make tassels!
  • Scissors and tape measure
  1. Remove the stitches from the bottom and the side of the bag, so you have one large sheet.
  2. Cut the bag in half along the 40″ length so you have two panels and then cut each panel into three equal sections.
  3. Now you should have six pieces, each measuring about 20″by 18.5″. It's ok if they aren't quite square or even.
  4. Create four even squares by folding the edges of your panels and ironing over the creases. Your squares should be about 17"x17".
  5. Use a simple whip stitch or blanket stitch and your large-eye yarn needle and colorful yarn to stitch the square panels together into a cube.
  6. Leave one side of the cube open and fill it with out-of-season clothes, pillows, or other materials you can find at home.
  7. Once the cube is filled, stitch the remaining side closed.
  8. Use embroidery thread to create colorful tassels and attach them to the top edge of the cube. For images and a complete tutorial visit A Piece of Rainbow.
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