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2023: A Year of Coffee, Community, and Connection at Kauai Coffee

As the sun sets on another year, we're brewing a cup of reflection and gratitude. Thanks to you, it's been a remarkable year. From the lush fields of our Kauai Estate to your cup, you've made 2023 a year full of exceptional island-grown coffee, rich recipes, and heartwarming stories.

We invite you to revisit the top 10 stories, guides, and recipes that made 2023 such an extraordinary year. Whether you're a long-time enthusiast or a recent addition to our coffee 'ohana, we thank you for making Kauai Coffee a part of your daily routine. Grab your favorite cup, settle in, and let's reflect on the year's highlights, one sip at a time.

kauai coffee peaberry dark roast

Complete Guide to Peaberry

If you see peaberry on a coffee shop menu, you might wonder what it is and why it's so expensive. If these questions have crossed your mind, this guide to peaberry coffee is for you. Learn about peaberry coffee, its unique qualities compared to other beans, and tips for trying and buying it. Read now.

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All About Coffee Flowers

Coffee comes from a pretty spectacular plant. Not just because it produces the wonderful little seed that makes our favorite beverage but also because it is a beautiful flowering tree that erupts in bountiful, fragrant coffee flowers each spring. Find out what makes these buds unique, when you can see them in bloom on the Kauai Coffee farm, how they grow and produce coffee. Go now.

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Brewing Method Guide

Hawaiian coffee is known worldwide for its unique flavor and distinct aroma. Our tropical climate, warm temperatures, abundant rainfall, and rich volcanic soil provide the perfect conditions for growing exceptional coffee.

But that isn't all it takes to make a delicious cup. Knowing how to grind and brew your Hawaiian coffee at home can make a huge difference in the overall taste, texture (mouthfeel), and aroma you experience. So, find out how to make the best cup of Kauai Coffee you've ever tasted with our complete brewing method guide. Read more

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Whole Bean Vs. Ground Coffee: Which is Right for You?

If you brew coffee at home, you likely start your day with one question – whole bean or ground? In this guide, we're spilling the beans on the difference between the two so you can understand how the freshness and flavor of your coffee may be affected by the option you choose. Learn more.

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Kauai Coffee Sale and Visitor Donations Raise $31,000 for Maui Wildfire Relief Efforts

At Kauai Coffee Company, we've always believed in the power of coffee to bring people together. We are immensely thankful for the overwhelming support we received from our dedicated customers, who joined hands with us to support Maui and the broader Hawaii community after the devastating wildfires. Read the story.

Kauai coffee fair trade committee presents habitat for humanity with large check

Fair Trade Committee Empowers Island Community with Development Fund Distribution

As the largest coffee farm in the USA, Kauai Coffee makes waves for growing exceptional Hawaiian coffee. We're also committed to growing that coffee in a way that conserves natural resources and provides a safe, healthy, and positive work environment for everyone involved in its production. That's why we began the rigorous Fair Trade™ certification process for our 100% Hawaiian coffee in 2018 and earned the unique distinction of being triple-certified by leading sustainability advocates soon after.

We're proud to display our commitment to sustainability and these certification seals on our packaging, but we're even more excited to share that our first distribution of Fair Trade Community Development funds has dispensed $180,000 to employees and charitable organizations across Kauai, addressing the most pressing needs of our community. If you have ever purchased a bag of Kauai Coffee with the Fair Trade™ seal, you've made a big difference for Kauai. Read the story to find out how. Read now

Poipu Estate Espresso Roast

How to Make Espresso Without a Machine

For many coffee drinkers, espresso is the ultimate expression of coffee perfection. Even though people widely consume it in the United States and worldwide, there is much confusion about what it is. Some of the most common questions we answer at the Kauai Coffee Visitor Center are, "What kind of espresso do you have?" and "Where is your espresso?"

In this brewing guide, we deeply dive into what espresso is, what it is not, and how you can make it at home with your favorite Kauai Coffee even if you don't have a machine. Find out more.

chocolate ganache cake and acaia coffee bag

Tutu's Coffee and Chocolate Ganache Cake

What's a year-end review without a little sweet treat? At Kauai Coffee, we know how rewarding it is to make something with love and share it with your 'ohana. That's why there's a special place on the dessert table reserved for this decadent coffee and chocolate ganache cake among the many winter treats and warm beverages we plan to enjoy this time of year.

This recipe adds a unique twist to the classic chocolate cake preparation by infusing it with the distinct taste of our 100% Hawaiian coffee. The result is a soft and delicious cake you can decorate and share with your loved ones. Bake our coffee and chocolate ganache cake today and serve a slice with a cup of Kauai Coffee for a taste of paradise. Get the recipe

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Ultimate Guide to 100% Hawaiian Coffee

100% Hawaiian coffee is highly regarded and adored by coffee connoisseurs worldwide. Even though Hawaii is the only U.S. state with a thriving commercial coffee industry, Hawaiian-grown coffee is relatively scarce, accounting for less than .05% of the global market.

This rarity and the exceptional growing conditions in Hawaii make Hawaiian-grown coffee a bean worth knowing. This guide will help you learn about Hawaiian coffee, where it grows, and how to buy it. Read now.

kauai coffee cherries

How Do Coffee Beans Grow?

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how coffee beans grow in Hawaii. Find out how our island-grown beans go from seed to cup, and shop our entire collection of 100% Hawaiian Coffee online to taste paradise now. Learn more