10 Ways to Share Aloha and Celebrate Safely

10 Ways to Share Aloha and Celebrate Safely

The holiday season is finally here! Even though our celebrations may look a little different and socially distant, with a bit of technology and creativity, sharing aloha with loved ones near and far is still possible and fun! Use these ten ideas to make spirits and video calls cheery and bright. From virtual coffee tastings to competitions and charades, there's a cup of Kauai Coffee to share for every occasion.

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Host a virtual coffee cupping

Coffee cupping is a tasting technique used by farmers, roasters, buyers, and Q graders (professional coffee graders qualified to provide Specialty Coffee Association ratings) to test and ensure quality. With a little bit of practice and some simple kitchen equipment you likely have on hand, you can hone your coffee tasting technique and invite your friends and family to a fun and informative virtual event! Select a few different bags of 100% Kauai Coffee, single-serve pods and cups, or a variety pack for yourself and each attendee to use and follow our coffee cupping guide to get started.

kauai coffee quality assurance technician chazlyn cups coffee. cupping is a tasting technique you can learn at home.

Compete in a cocktail (or mocktail) contest

If your 'ohana is anything like ours, it's just not the holiday season without a little friendly competition. Instead of gathering for the annual family football game, take the battle online and add a little creativity with a cocktail (or mocktail) competition. This fun, virtual event requires a little pregame coordination, but once you have your ingredients, you can let the games begin!

To get started, nominate a judge to develop a list of 3-4 mystery ingredients that must be used to create an original cocktail or mocktail recipe. Use an online grocery delivery service to deliver the set of mystery ingredients to each player and pick a time and date to gather online and reveal your creative concoctions. Create a score sheet and award points for creativity, style, garnish, or any other fun categories you can come up with. Challenge your friends and family to use Kauai Coffee or Koloa Kauai Coffee Rum in their recipes, and you'll surely have some winning combinations and reasons to say okole maluna (cheers/bottoms up).

[caption id="attachment_4024" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Kauai Coffee Rum Barrel Aged Coffee and Koloa Kauai Coffee Rum make gread additions to holiday cocktails. A bag of coffee and bottle of rum sit on a barrel in the coffee field. Red cherries are on the branches and on the barrel photo: Koloa Rum[/caption]

Chef it up

Sharing a cup of coffee with loved ones is one of our favorite activities during the holiday season, but our second favorite is cooking together! You can enjoy the tastes of the season with one another even if you are apart. Find a new recipe or use a family classic and have everyone in your family cook the same meal no matter where they are. Set up a time and date to enjoy what you've cooked together. You can even cook together if you set up a computer or a camera in the kitchen!

coconut caramel crunch coffee cake

During your meal, swap stories about the challenge of learning a new recipe and share what tweaks or adjustments you made. If you're making a family classic, share stories and fond memories about how this dish became a staple for your family. Coffee makes a great addition to savory as well as sweet dishes. Check out some of our recipes for cooking with coffee.

Have an online holiday movie watch party

Have a favorite holiday movie you usually watch to kick off the season? Host an online watch party for friends and family. Gather your favorite snacks, make cozy coffee beverages, and use a party viewing app to watch the same streaming movie simultaneously from wherever you are.

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Set up a secret Santa gift exchange

If your 'ohana loves a holiday gift swap, organize an online exchange this year. Select a budget, set a date, and draw names or use an online gift pairing app to pair secret Santas. How do you keep it secret if the gifts need to be mailed? Easy! Have every participant use the organizer's return address instead of their own. Your Santa stays secret, and gifts get delivered on time. From single-serve pods to 100% Kauai Coffee, reusable mugs, and coffee accessories, Kauai Coffee has great gifts for every secret Santa on your list.

Play an online game together

If playing a board game with the 'ohana is a staple of your holiday traditions, keep it up this year with an online version! From Battleship to Settlers of Catan, many of your favorite games are available online. Want to make it even more interesting? Set up a tournament bracket and challenge each other to multiple rounds. Send the ultimate winner a Kauai Coffee gift box full of their favorite Kauai Coffees and snacks to celebrate the achievement.

Learn a family craft

Is your tutu (grandmother) an accomplished sewer or knitter? Does your auntie make beautiful leis you've always admired? Set up an online class and learn from the masters in your family! You'll enjoy spending time together and learning from one another.

Lei making is an activity you can do with friends online. It's a great way to share aloha and celebrate safely

Play family trivia or table topics

How well do you really know your friends and family? Host an online trivia challenge or table topics discussion to find out! Select an organizer and send a list of discussion topics or trivia questions to organize into rounds of play. Set a date and time to gather online, pour a cup of coffee, and enjoy learning and laughing together.

Start a friends and family book club

Mystery, comedy, drama, anything goes in family book club! Pick a book you've always wanted to read and give your family and friends a few weeks to complete the book. Pick a date and time to meet online and discuss. Take the fun up a notch by preparing food and drinks for your meeting representing the book you've just completed. Bonus points if your book selection takes place in or around coffee shops and you serve Kauai Coffee!


Create a family music video

Singing and caroling are part of many family holiday traditions. If your family is a musical one, record a music video! Break out the ukuleles, pianos, and guitars, singers and percussion makers and create a musical experience you can enjoy for years to come. If your favorite part of caroling is sipping a nice hot cup of coffee when you’re done there’s no need to leave that part out! Sip a delicious Kauai Coffee while you watch the premiere of your family video together.

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year, we wish you a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season from our 'ohana to yours.

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