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At Home Coffee Station Inspiration

Starting the day with a freshly brewed cup of your favorite Kauai Coffee is always a good idea, but it's an especially good one now. As the long days of summer begin to shorten and we continue to ride the roller coaster of ups and downs this year has presented, adding a little aloha to your daily routine and a dedicated coffee station to your home has never been more necessary or comforting. According to the 2020 NCA National Coffee Data Trends Report, 62% of Americans drink coffee daily, and 63% of Americans who typically work outside of the home have access to a coffee station in the workplace. With many of us now working and learning remotely, these ideas should spark some inspiration for creating your own comfy coffee oasis at home.

Create a coffee corner and art gallery

If you are a coffee shop regular and miss the ambiance of your favorite cafe or coffee estate, you can create a fantastic coffee corner at home with a few simple items. Place your coffee maker, beans, and necessary accessories together in one place and decorate with art that reminds you of your favorite coffee spot.

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Repurpose existing furniture

There's no need to spend a ton of money to create your ideal at-home coffee station. You can refresh and repurpose an existing piece of furniture with a new coat of paint, fun signs, and must-have mugs and brewing methods. Repurposing a piece of furniture you already have can save you space in the kitchen and help you transform an underutilized area of your home into a personal escape.

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Seek out chic storage

Clear out cluttered cabinets and create an open-shelving storage solution that will display your coffee collection as elegantly as a corner cafe. Match the styling of your home with farmhouse-inspired woodblock or modern bent pipe details. You can also find canisters and containers to keep your coffee beans fresh and store all of your favorite coffee add-ins like sugar, honey, and spices. Add a table and a few chairs where you can sip and relax at any time.

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Make it mobile

Create an at-home coffee station that goes wherever you need it most. Use a cart with wheels to store your coffee maker, supplies, and drinkware, and you've got a mobile coffee sanctuary that can transform to fit your needs. Love coffee in the kitchen in the morning, but need space to cook and entertain at night? No problem!

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Keep it simple

You know what they say? The simplest solution is usually the best! Use a bedside table as a coffee station to keep your coffee close at hand. It may seem silly, but if you're living in a small space like a college dorm room or studio, you can still create a cozy Kauai Coffee escape and wake up in paradise daily.

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