rainbow over kauai coffee fields and harvester, kauai coffee harvest blessing

2019 Kauai Coffee Harvest Blessing

On Friday, September 20th, we gathered our ohana (family) for the annual pre-harvest blessings, shared a meal, and celebrated the hard work that has gotten us to this point. The Kauai Coffee harvest season officially began on September 23rd and we can't wait to share our freshest coffee with you. kauai coffee harvest blessing Blessings are a sacred Hawaiian tradition. The purpose of the annual harvest blessing is to acknowledge our role as stewards of the land, continue the traditions of the Hawaiian culture, and honor those who came before us to make our work possible. Kumu Hula Troy Allen Hinano Lazaro led the pule (blessing) as a light rain fell over the fields. "To have water is to have life," he said. "It is to be rich and to have sustainability," he continued. We are proud to honor this Hawaiian tradition and celebrate the hard work that has gotten us to this point. From watering, pruning and caring for 4 million trees, to composting coffee berries, to serving over 800 visitors every day – the annual coffee harvest is the culmination of an entire season of hard work, dedication and hope. We put our trust in nature and our passion for producing outstanding coffee grown under the Hawaiian sun into our work. Everything we do and every question we ask along the way is there to ensure the best bean makes it into your favorite brew every time.

Kauai Coffee Harvest Bird's-Eye View

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