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Meet the Kauai Coffee 'Ohana

Kauai Coffee is special. It's grown on a tropical island in volcanic soil under abundant Pacific sun, but customers often tell us there is something else that makes it unique that they can't quite put their finger on. We know exactly what it is – our 'ohana. 'Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language, and it is at the center of everything we do. Kauai Coffee is an authentic Hawaiian Coffee estate. That means that from growing the coffee to roasting and packaging, our 'ohana manages every step of the process. When you buy Kauai Coffee you're a part of our 'ohana too! So, we thought you would enjoy getting to know some of the people who make it possible. We interviewed our staff and will share their stories on the blog as often as possible. This week, meet Kyle and Angie!

Angie, E-Commerce Packaging

How long have you been a part of the Kauai Coffee 'ohana? Two years and five months. What is one thing that would surprise us about your role? There is more to packing and shipping orders than just putting coffee into boxes. We manage stock, make sure bags are appropriately sealed, and that product isn't damaged. We also create shipping labels for every order and make sure the roasts and grinds requested are accurate before they are packed. At the end of the day, I always feel good and tired. Do you have a routine that gets you ready for the day? I drink coffee, wash up, and get to work grinding fresh beans for the day's orders that need to go out. What is your favorite Kauai Coffee? I love dark and medium roast Peaberry, Kauai Blue Mountain, Kauai Sunrise, and Chazlyn's or the Visitor Center roast. If you could tell someone who has never tried Kauai Coffee one thing about it, what would it be? My aunty Ellen lives in Virginia and had not tried Kauai Coffee until I gave her samples. She tried Peaberry, which has a hint of lemon zest and low acidity, and she loved it! So, I would say try something new, and the flavors you can taste in fresh island-grown coffee may surprise you! Kauai Coffee Apprentice Electrician Kyle

Kyle, Apprentice Electrician

Tell us about your favorite kind of day at work. Kauai sunshine is nice, but I love it when the weather is overcast to keep things cool. I enjoy working with our team and learning new things, so my days are filled with lots of different tasks that keep our equipment in good shape. How do you get ready for the day? One cup of coffee in the morning! Toasty Banana Nut Cream brewed in my automatic drip. If you could tell someone who has never tried coffee one thing about it, what would it be? It's the best coffee there is! What surprises you about working with coffee? Are there any new products, trends, or techniques on the horizon that excite you? We're starting to do exciting things with fermentation. Check out the Seed to Cup project and our sun dried coffees. What is the most satisfying part of your job? Fixing things and being tired at the end of the day because we got stuff done. At Kauai Coffee, we see ourselves as a family and you're a part of it. Keep up with us and shop for 100% Kauai Coffee online now.
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