4 Easy Ways to Brew Hawaiian Coffee: Your Guide to a Perfect Cup

4 Easy Ways to Brew Hawaiian Coffee: Your Guide to a Perfect Cup

Imagine starting your day with a barista-quality cup of coffee brewed quickly and effortlessly in your own kitchen. At Kauai Coffee, we believe indulging in a perfect cup of Hawaiian coffee should be easy. With our 100% Hawaiian coffees and convenient single-serve blends, you can transform even the most no-fuss brewing methods into an exquisite coffee experience.

Hawaiian coffee is renowned for its unique smooth texture and delightfully low acidity, making every sip a soothing escape to paradise. So, let's dive into four simple yet effective brewing methods that will elevate your home coffee routine with the exceptional flavors of Kauai.

A woman makes coffee with kauai coffee single serve pods

Automatic Drip or Single Serve Brewers with Reusable Filter

Time to Brew: 5-10 minutes

Ratio: Consult your brewer's instructions, but usually about 2 tablespoons of coffee per 6 ounces of water for a robust cup.

Grind Size: Medium grind

Kauai Coffee Recommendation: Medium Roast. One sip of our signature Medium Roast Coffee, and you're instantly transported to paradise. Our 100% Hawaiian Medium Roast Coffee is incredibly smooth and bursting with delicious tropical flavors. Its bright aroma and light floral notes make it the perfect cup of coffee to drink, day, or night. Available in both whole bean and ground options.

Looking for even more convenience? Single Serve Kauai Coffee pods containing a blend of our Hawaiian coffee and premium Arabica beans and 35% less plastic than other single serve options are also available on our website, at national grocery stores, and online retailers.

Brewing Steps:

  1. Fill the reusable or paper filter in your automatic brewer with the ground coffee.
  2. Add water to the reservoir, and let the brewer work its magic. In minutes, you'll have a rich, flavorful cup of Hawaiian coffee that's rich, smooth, and utterly delicious!

Recommended Grind: A medium grind with the coarseness of Kauai beach sand is the best choice for automatic coffee makers.

Results: Because most automatic drip coffee makers utilize paper filters, the resulting cup should have a crisp and clarified texture. Wet your filter with warm water before adding your ground beans and brewing to avoid a papery quality or taste in your coffee.

a blue kauai coffee mug sits next to an inverted aeropress brewer on a white marbled counter top with tropical plants in the background


The AeroPress combines the paper filtration of a drip machine with the immersion of French Press and the pressure of an espresso maker in a small and convenient plastic cylinder brewer.

Time to Brew: 1-2 minutes

Ratio: 1:16 or 15 grams of coffee to 240 grams of water (about 2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water). Your AeroPress will come with a measuring scoop that holds about 15 grams in one heaping spoonful.

Grind Size: Medium fine to fine

Kauai Coffee Recommendation: Kalaheo Estate Dark Roast. This bold, rich coffee with sweet chocolatey notes and a hint of roasted nuts will create a robust, invigorating cup using the AeroPress. This manual espresso brewing method perfectly extracts its deep flavors, offering a cup as energizing as a Hawaiian surf session.

Recommended Grind: Like an espresso machine, finely ground coffee in your AeroPress will achieve the best results.

Inverted Brewing Steps:

  1. Place the plunger in your AeroPress to create a brewing chamber and turn it over so the open end faces up and the plunger is on the counter.
  2. Add the ground Koloa Estate Dark Roast coffee to the open brewing chamber, followed by hot water.
  3. Take care not to overfill the brewing chamber, stir the coffee gently, and then carefully screw the filter paper and cap into place.
  4. Let the coffee steep for about a minute, and then place your mug on the filter.
  5. Flip the AeroPress and mug together so the mug sits on your counter and the AeroPress plunger is upright on top.
  6. Press the plunger down to force the brewed coffee through the filter and into your mug. Voila! A smooth, flavorful espresso-style coffee awaits.

 Results: With some practice, you'll have a silky-smooth shot of coffee in your mug you can drink on its own or use in your favorite preparation. Add hot water for an Americano or steamed milk for a latte.

a ceraic pour over brewer sits on top of a ceramic mug with a mage of McBryde Estate

Pour Over

Time to Brew: 3-4 minutes

Ratio: 1:16 or about 2.5 tablespoons of coffee per cup of water. The ratio may be adjusted to your preference for larger and smaller brewers.

Grind Size: Medium-coarse to medium-fine, depending on brewer size.

Kauai Coffee Recommendation: Kauai Sunrise. A combination of medium and dark roasted beans, Kauai Sunrise, is a mellow way to start the day. With nutty notes and a hint of chocolate, this coffee is perfect for the pour-over brewing. It allows the delicate flavors and aromas to shine, creating an easygoing yet complex cup.

Brewing Steps:

  1. Place a damp filter in your pour over brewer.
  2. Place your pour-over device on a cup if you are using a single-cup brewer.
  3. Add the medium-coarse ground Kauai Sunrise Blend to the filter.
  4. Gradually pour hot water over the grounds in a circular motion.

This slow infusion brings out the coffee's bright, nuanced flavors. Enjoy a cup that feels like a morning walk through our Kauai fields!

Results: The pour over method allows for more control over the brewing process and can result in a brighter and more complex cup of coffee.

a hand presses the plunger on a silver french press brewer. A cup of coffee also sits on the white marble counter top

French Press

Time to Brew: 4 minutes

Ratio: 1:12 for brewers that make a single cup. 1:15 for brewers that make 2 cups or more.

Grind Size: Coarse

Kauai Coffee Recommendation: Kauai Blue Mountain. A unique, well-balanced coffee with a malty flavor and fruity notes. The ultimate expression of island coffee - Kauai Blue Mountain is smooth, mild, and subtle with a pleasantly bright aftertaste. The French Press method enhances its silky texture and tropical flavor notes.

Brewing Steps:

  1. Add the coarse ground Kauai Blue Mountain Coffee to your French Press.
  2. Pour hot water over it, stir gently, and let it steep for 4 minutes.
  3. Press the plunger down slowly, and there you have it - a delectable delight.
a man sits on the beach with a bag of kauai coffee estate reserve peaberry and a stainless steel mug

Taking Your Hawaiian Coffee To-Go

Life can be hectic, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on quality coffee. Invest in a high-quality thermal mug or a portable French press tumbler to take your perfect brews anywhere you go! These options keep your coffee hot and ensure you're sipping on the best Kauai Coffee has to offer, wherever you are.

The Bottom Line

Whether you prefer the quick convenience of an automatic brewer, the hands-on approach of AeroPress and pour over, or the robust immersion of the French Press, each of these quick and easy brewing methods brings something unique to your cup. With Kauai Coffee's range of 100% Hawaiian coffees, you're guaranteed a delightful coffee experience direct from our island to your cup.

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