Brew Like a Roast Master

Brew Like a Roast Master

Is there anything that smells or tastes better than freshly roasted coffee? We think not! Roasting is both an art and a science that takes years to master. Our roast masters are the innovators responsible for the flavors, textures, and unique characteristics of every cup of Kauai Coffee.

Their talents and dedication to the craft of roasting shine in our Roast Master's Choice collection of coffees. Learn more about these elevated blends and some tips and tricks for blending, buying, and brewing like a coffee pro.

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What Makes a Good Cup of Coffee? 

A good cup of coffee begins with the quality of the coffee beans. For Hawaiian coffee, like Kauai Coffee, it's essential to have beans that are grown in the right climate and harvested at the perfect ripeness. After that, the roast level, grind size, water temperature, and brewing method play significant roles. A good cup of coffee should have a balanced flavor, with a harmony of sweetness, acidity, and body, along with distinctive notes that reflect the origin.

One of the most interesting things about coffee beans is that you can roast the same beans in three different ways and highlight three different natural characteristics of the bean that will produce very different flavors in your cup. The Kauai Coffee Roast Master's Choice collection showcases our roasters' exceptional skill at combining different roast levels and varietals to craft the single-estate, uniquely Hawaiian blends in our Roast Master's Choice Collection.

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Crafting the Perfect Blend

Creating coffee blends is a craft that requires a deep understanding of coffee beans, their flavors, and how they interact when combined. Roast masters may approach the process of crafting the perfect blend differently, but some elements roasters experiment with include:

  • Objective: Roast masters always set a goal of what they want to achieve with the blend. Do they want to create a balanced, all-day coffee, or something with a bold, distinctive flavor? The objective guides the selection of beans and how they are roasted.
  • Origin and variety: The foundation of any coffee blend is a thorough knowledge of the individual coffee beans. This means understanding the flavor profiles, acidity, body, aroma, and any unique characteristics of each bean.
  • Flavor: To create a balanced blend, roast masters typically combine beans with different flavor profiles. For example, a bright, acidic coffee might be balanced with a full-bodied chocolatey coffee. This contrast can create a well-rounded flavor. 
  • Roast Level: The roast level (light to medium to dark) can significantly impact the final flavor of brewed coffee, so the roast level and how much the roast master chooses to combine with another bean or roast level is a crucial aspect of blending coffee.
a collage of coffee roast levels from green unroasted beans to dark roast

How Does Roast Level Affect Coffee Flavor?

Most specialty coffee roasts fall on a spectrum of light to medium, medium-dark, and dark roasts.

  • Light roast: Generally, light roast beans have a mild flavor and more acidity or brightness than darker roasts because the beans haven't roasted long enough to force the natural oils out of the beans. Another appealing quality of light roast coffee is that you may taste more flavor nuances unique to its origin.
  • Medium roast: Deeper brown color than light roast but retains a matte or unglossy finish. Medium roast coffee balances bright, sweet, and bitter flavors, which is why it is a palate-pleaser for many.
  • Medium dark roast: Rich, dark brown color with a slightly oily or glossy finish. At this roast level, the natural oils in the coffee bean are forced to the surface, and most of the acidic bite or brightness you can taste in light and medium roast coffees all but disappears. Medium-dark roast coffee can have a sweet aftertaste that balances well with the more bitter flavor notes that can appear at this roast level.
  • Dark roast: Very dark in color with a gleaming, oily finish. The most notable flavor attribute of dark roast coffee is its striking but pleasant bitterness. Because of dark roast coffee's pronounced bitter, chocolatey, and nutty notes, it pairs exceptionally well with milk or cream.
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Kauai Coffee Roast Master's Choice Collection

Combining the bright, acidic notes of a light or medium roast with the deep chocolate or nutty notes of a dark roast is a skill our roasters have mastered to create the coffees in this nuanced and delicious collection.

Kauai Breeze: A combination of medium and dark roast beans delivers a smooth, plush mouthfeel with subtle hints of chocolate in the cup. Delicately bright acidity hidden by nutty undertones.

Roast level: Medium/dark

What customers say: Kauai Breeze is the best reason to get up in the morning—a wonderful way to begin your day. It is never acidic in flavor and has a deep mellowness, with a delightful aftertaste hint of chocolate. Thoroughly recommend.

McBryde Estate: Medium roast coffee with a pleasantly sweet aroma, rounding hints of chocolate, dry berry, and floral notes.

Roast level: Medium

What customers say: This coffee is one of my favorites so far. I've tried thirty different types from many online sellers, and this tops them all. It has a great, full-bodied taste with a very good aftertaste.

Mundoloa Java: Dark roast coffee with subtle hints of sweetness enveloped in lingering hints of nuts.

Roast level: Dark

What customers say: Wonderful! We love every coffee we have purchased from Kauai Coffee. This one has a great, smooth flavor. It is not overpowering at all—just a great coffee. You will not be disappointed.

Kope Olenalena: A Medium/Light roasted coffee. Smooth, pleasant, and mellow coffee with a good body.

Roast level: Medium/light

What customers say: Best coffee ever! This is such a smooth and fantastic coffee! No bad aftertaste or bitterness at all.

kauai coffee roast masters choice coffee brewed with a pour over dripper

How to Brew and Prepare Coffee Like a Roast Master

Most roasters will tell you they like to drink their coffee black to taste the bean's natural characteristics and flavor nuances, but there is nothing wrong with brewing and preparing your coffee just the way you like it. In other words, the best way to brew coffee is to use a method that aligns with your taste preferences and the coffee beans you're using.

For a clean, bright cup of coffee, try brewing with a Chemex or use the pour over method. Using a French Press is likely to produce a full-bodied and rich cup, while an espresso machine is excellent at producing concentrated and intense flavors.

Buy Like a Roast Master

When buying premium coffee like 100% Kauai Coffee, you can understand what the Roast Master expects you to experience in each cup by reading the bag label carefully. You should find information about the origin, roast profile, and tasting notes from the roaster. Look for these terms and descriptions on your label.

  • Origin: Know where the coffee comes from. Different regions offer distinct flavor profiles. The island name, elevation, and specific estate are significant for Hawaiian coffee.
  • Variety: Coffee bean varieties like Arabica or specific cultivars can influence the flavor.
  • Roast Level: Check the roast level, as it greatly impacts taste. Light, medium, and dark roasts cater to different preferences.
  • Processing Method: Some coffee labels may indicate the processing method, which can affect flavor. Look for words like sun-dried or barrel-aged. 
  • Certifications: Look for certifications like Fair Trade or Rain Forest Alliance if you have ethical or environmental concerns.
  • Tasting Notes: Labels often list tasting notes, providing a glimpse into the coffee's flavor profile.

Paying attention to these factors on the label can help you make more informed choices when purchasing premium coffee that suits your taste.

Taste Paradise with Roast Master's Choice

Shop now for Roast Master's Choice Coffees, or explore all of our 100% Hawaiian coffees online. 100% Kauai Coffee is available only from our online store, Visitor Center, and most grocery stores in Hawaii. Domestic shipping is free on orders of $100 or more.

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