A Message from Kauai Coffee to our 'Ohana: Mahalo!

A Message from Kauai Coffee to our 'Ohana: Mahalo!

The holiday season is here, and we're raising our favorite mugs to celebrate you. We say it often, but Kauai Coffee is a family, and that family includes you. We are so thankful for our coffee 'ohana near and far and wish you all the best and brightest this season.

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In 2022, Kauai Coffee will celebrate 35 years since McBryde Sugar began diversifying agricultural crops and transitioning into the Kauai Coffee Company we know today. Since 1996 the Kauai Coffee harvest has exceeded the volume of coffee produced by the entire Kona region. You have allowed us to push the boundaries of what 100% Hawaiian coffee can be. Because of you, we have set big goals, continue to work towards more sustainable practices, and craft a better cup of coffee every day.

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There are so many reasons we are proud of the coffee we grow; most notably, Kauai Coffee has earned the unique distinction of being triple certified by leading sustainability advocates. 100% Kauai Coffee is Rainforest Alliance™, and Fair Trade USA™ certified, as well as Non GMO Project verified.

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We are passionate about producing coffee in a way that supports our community and stewards our natural resources. In other words, your enthusiasm drives us to keep getting better and grow coffee you can feel great about sharing with the ones you love. Next year we hope to re-invest up to $200,000 of our Fair Trade premium in our workforce and community – something we could not have achieved without your support.

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Mahalo from the bottom of our hearts! The past two years have shown us that nothing is impossible when you have family on your side. We look forward to the new year and sharing the next crop of exceptional Hawaiian-grown coffee with you.

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Thank you for choosing Kauai Coffee and sharing it with those you love.

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