5 Ways to Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee with a Tropical Twist

5 Ways to Enjoy Cold Brew Coffee with a Tropical Twist

Summer is right around the corner, which means the season for non-stop cold brew coffee sipping is almost here! We love cold brew coffee so much we created a unique, course-ground, medium roast coffee perfect for cold brewing. Use this guide to make a big batch with your favorite Kauai Coffee or a single serving with our cold brew pitcher packs. Follow these recipes to enjoy your cold brew with a tropical twist all summer long!

What is Cold Brew Coffee and How is it Different than Iced Coffee?

Cold brew coffee is coffee that is made by steeping in cold water for 12-24 hours. You can make cold brew from any coffee bean or roast, but a medium to coarse grind is preferred. If you plan to serve your cold brew coffee with dairy or non-dairy creamer, you might select a dark roast to balance the sweetness of the milk. If you prefer your cold brew without creamer or sweeteners a medium roast may be the right choice for you. Experimenting with your favorite beans, roasts, and flavors is what makes learning how to cold brew coffee enjoyable!

kauai coffee cold brew

While you can enjoy your cold brew coffee served over ice or hot, cold brew and iced coffee are made using different brewing methods. Iced coffee is brewed with hot water, cooled and then served over ice. Brewing the same coffee with hot or cold methods will result in different flavors and mouthfeel because the chemical compounds that make up the flavors and aromas of coffee are water soluble at different temperatures and times.

Coffee brewed with water around 200 degrees Fahrenheit tends to be more acidic than cold brew coffee and may have bright, fruit-forward flavors because those flavor compounds are more easily extracted with hot water. Cold brew coffee is less acidic and therefore the same beans brewed this way may reveal notes of chocolate, spice, or nuts. Cold Brew Coffee also uses a higher ratio of coffee to water, so the resulting coffee is relatively concentrated. Dilute cold brew with ice, water, milk, or your favorite coffee addition.

How to Make Cold Brew Coffee

Preparing a single serving or big batch of Kauai Cold Brew Coffee is easy and requires very little equipment. You can brew 1-2 servings at a time with Kauai Coffee Cold Brew pitcher packs. These compostable cold brew coffee packs contain our special Cold Brew Coffee and are perfectly portioned to brew 14 ounces per pack.


Brew the Perfect Small Serving:

  • Place pack in a pitcher and add 16 ounces of water.
  • Stir the pack around a few times until the grounds are saturated.
  • Steep for 10-14 hours, or overnight, in the refrigerator.
  • Remove pack from the pitcher, draining excess cold brew from the pack.
  • Cover and store in the refrigerator for up to 10 days.

Need to make a bigger batch? You can use any Kauai Coffee to create a delicious cold brew. Our favorite method for big batch cold brew is to use 1/3 ground coffee to 1 cup of cold, filtered water. For our most recent batch, we used the Hazelnut Flavored 100% Kauai Coffee.

Big Batch Brewing:

2 and 2/3 cups ground coffee
8 cups cold, filtered water

Add the ground coffee to a large bowl or pitcher. Slowly pour the cold water over the grounds and gently stir to make sure everything is saturated. Cover the bowl or pitcher with cheesecloth and place in the refrigerator for 10-14 hours. After steeping, stir the cold brew coffee and strain through cheesecloth or a fine colander to remove the grounds. Pour the cold brew concentrate into a clean pitcher or jar and store in the fridge for up to 10 days.

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Cold Brew with a Tropical Twist

Can't get enough cold brew? Try one of these recipes with your favorite Kauai Coffee for a tropical twist!

cold brew with macadamia milk

1. Iced Macadamia Nut

Pour 1 cup of concentrate over ice and top with Hawaiian Macadamia nut milk. Add preferred sweetener to taste and finish with a pinch of Hawaiian sea salt (trust us!) Stir and enjoy.

coconut cold brew soda

2. Coconut and Coffee Soda

  • 1 cup cold brew concentrate
  • 1/4 cup coconut water
  • 1/4 cup sparkling water
  • Ice
  • Optional: Sweetener of choice, mint and lime wedge for garnish

Pour the concentrate and coconut water over ice. Top with sparkling water and stir in optional sweetener. Garnish with a lime wedge and mint leaves. Refreshing and tropical!

hawaiian cold brew shave ice

3. Cold Brew Hawaiian Shave Ice

It may be the tropics, but we love this kind of snow in Hawaii! Make Hawaiian-style shave ice at home using your blender or snow cone machine.

  • 1/2 cup cold brew concentrate
  • 2 tablespoons simple syrup
  • 2 cups finely crushed or Hawaiian-style shave ice
  • 2 oz. sweetened condensed milk

Combine the concentrate and simple syrup and set aside. Add ice to blender and pulse until very fine. If you have a snow cone or shave ice machine follow operating instructions. Lightly pack the finely crushed ice into a bowl and pour the cold brew and simple syrup over the top. Drizzle with sweetened condensed milk and enjoy! Planning a trip to Kauai? Check out The Fresh Shave for Hawaiian style shave ice made with local ingredients. We love the Dirt Squirrel made with Kauai Coffee Cold Brew!

citrus and spice smoothie

4. Citrus and Spice Cold Brew Power Smoothie

Citrus and spices like turmeric and ginger grow abundantly in Hawaii and make a lively addition to your regular protein smoothie.

  • 3/4 cup cold brew concentrate
  • 1/4 cup plain or vanilla Greek yogurt
  • 2 scoops vanilla protein powder
  • 1 small tangerine or cutie, peeled and seeded
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1-inch chunk of fresh ginger, peeled
  • 1/2 tsp. turmeric
  • 1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
  • Ice or water added to desired consistency

Add concentrate, yogurt and protein powder to blender and blend on low until smooth. Add in orange, spices, and desired amount of ice. Increase blender speed and blend until smooth. Garnish with citrus and enjoy.

coffee popsicles

5. Coconut and Coffee Tropical Popsicles

  • 1 13.5 ounce can coconut milk
  • 1 cup cold brew concentrate
  • 3/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1/3 cup honey (Even better if it is coffee blossom honey!)
  • 1 cup coconut flakes

Combine the coconut milk, coffee concentrate, honey, and cocoa powder in the blender. Pour mixture into popsicle molds and freeze for at least 4 hours or overnight. Remove popsicles from mold, dip into coconut flakes, and enjoy!

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