Chosen by our experts and representing the finest of our 100% Kauai coffee beans, only a select few are designated as Estate Reserve. For the Hawaiian coffee connoisseur, these coffees are presented both as estate-designated and single-origin varietals. Some popular varietals include Peaberry and Kauai Blue Mountain coffees.

These specialty, artisan roasted coffees are the culmination of work from over three different harvest seasons, producing coffees that have never been offered before from Kauai Coffee®. The crafting of these coffees takes into account different fermentation methods, varietals and drying methods. Each one carries unique tasting notes and are only available for a limited time.

All decaffeinated Kauai Coffee®products use the Swiss Water Process, which was introduced in Switzerland in the 1930’s. This process relies on caffeine solubility (dissolvability) and osmosis to remove caffeine from green coffee beans, without the use of chemicals. Our Swiss water decaf coffee is up to 99.9% caffeine-free.

Each year, only a very select portion of our harvest is set aside. It is from these premium coffee beans that our Roast Masters capture the easygoing character and subtle nuances that distinguish Kauai Coffee®.

100% Hawaiian Coffee. Playful labels make these coffees a great one of a kind gift!

Enjoy the great taste and convenience of single-serve coffee from Kauai. The Filter Cup™ features an easy-flow filter design, allowing you to enjoy more coffee aroma and richer flavor every time you brew. The design uses less plastic, making it the eco-friendly, smarter choice for the environment.