Sun Dried Kauai Blue Mountain - Limited Release


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Darryl Cook
Sun Dried Kauai Blue Mountain

I love the Kauai Blue Mtn. Have tried the regular, and Peaberry, and they are both outstanding! Saw this Sun-dried City Roast option and decided to give it a try and it literally is the best I've tried. I would put this against Wallenford Jamaica Blue Mtn. any day. Only down side, and it doesn't concern the beans, is the price. Can't go wrong with this if you can afford it!

My New Favorite from Kauai Coffee

Drank this yesterday for the first time and was impressed. Opening the bag gave a hint of what was to follow; the beans perfumed the air. Grinding the beans produced a heady smell and I inhaled again. Wow! The taste is rich, earthy (a hint of burdock root) and smooth. Ordinarily I have a bit of cream with coffee, but I prefer to drink this one black to savor all its goodness. Yes, it's scarce and hard to find, but that's the nature of its production. The Kauai Coffee Company is good about telling folks when it's available again if you sign up for notification. I'm grateful to have this coffee and look forward to my next cup.

Tough call

I'm trying to justify spending $5.50 per ounce on coffee during this pandemic and I can't seeing my unemployment doesn't cover my monthly expenses. Wish the world was like a year ago and I would splurge.


Absolutely love this coffee, once we tried this sun dried we got hooked big time. Have been trying hard to get more but always out of stock. Does anyone know where I can get some?? [****]

Sun kissed Kauai coffee

I have been a member for many years, always buying your coffee and getting the monthly deliveries. We absolutely love all your coffees. However, we tried your sun dried Kauai Blue Mountain and WOW. I did not believe you could come up with an even better tasting coffee but you did. Incredible, smooth, a mouthwatering flavor. Love it!

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