Coffee of the Month - Assorted Medium & Dark Roasts


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Jeannie Meneley
Great coffee

I really enjoy my coffee and it’s something I look forward to see which flavor is next month.

Great coffees

The coffee is great have not had one we did not like

Elizabeth Callahan
Best coffee I have ever had

Probably the best coffee I’ve ever had. I love it cold brewed. It’s really incredible. I visited Kauai several years ago and visited the plantation and now have it shipped to New England. All other coffee seems kinda boring by comparison.

Ronald Cardwell
Beautifully uncomplicated balanced coffee

My first shipment of Kauai Coffee, and it couldn't have been a better experience. The coffee was simply lovely! I don't know what I was expecting, but what I received was a delicious cup of coffee that I could enjoy every single day. It wasn't the best, most mind blowing coffee I'd ever had, but that's not what I want in an every day brew. This was a coffee I could thoroughly enjoy every morning, that wouldn't over power my taste buds. I won't feel guilty or over indulgent brewing this on the regular, which exactly what I plan on doing!

Dana Wallace
May 2024

Loved the expresso blend.

Kauai Coffee Influencer