aerial view of Kauai Coffee farm and visitor center, kauai coffee virtual tours

Virtual Tours of the Kauai Coffee Estate

The Kauai Coffee Estate is the largest coffee farm in the USA. On an average day, we welcome up to 1,000 visitors with delicious coffee samples, tours, and roasting demonstrations. Although we love sharing our coffee and our beautiful island with you, now is not the right time to visit Kauai. We look forward to welcoming you to our island again someday soon but until then stay home, stay safe, and stay connected to Kauai from wherever you are by sipping our delicious, 100% island-grown coffee and enjoying these virtual tours.


Soar over Kauai's tranquil beaches and most famous natural wonders with our #WakeUpInParadise virtual visit playlist. Sip a cup of 100% Kauai Coffee and loop the videos while you work or play to feel like you just woke up in paradise. Stay connected to the Kauai Coffee 'ohana by sharing your morning coffee routine with us. Tag @kauaicoffeeco in your photos on Facebook and Instagram and use the hashtag #wakeupinparadise. [embed][/embed]

See Spring Blooms

This year, our two heaviest blooms occurred two weeks apart in March. The Kauai Coffee farm usually blooms between late February and May, and it is a sight to see and smell. Get a bees-eye view of the spring bloom now. [embed][/embed]

Kauai Coffee Harvest

Watch for a bird's-eye view of how our Hawaiian-grown coffee starts its journey from our orchard on the island of Kauai to your cup. [embed][/embed]

Processing Kauai Coffee

Take a peek inside the Kauai Coffee processing factory to see how coffee cherries become delicious roasted coffee beans. [embed][/embed]

Kauai Coffee Roasting Plant Mini Tour

If only we had smell-o-vision! Find our how Kauai Coffee is roasted in this mini tour of the roasting facility. [embed][/embed]
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