Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee

Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee

The next big thing in coffee is here! Our limited edition Rum Barrel Aged Coffee is 100% Kauai Coffee aged in barrels sourced from our friends and island neighbors at Koloa Rum. The aging process gives our delicious Kauai-grown beans a unique and delicate flavor profile that is complex and bright with flavor notes of rum, cocoa, floral honey, dried berries, and oak. It is the latest and greatest small batch creation from our Seed to Cup project, and you can order it online now. Learn more about this artisan coffee and the barrel aging process now. Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee

What is barrel-aged coffee?

Barrel-aged coffee is the process of gently fermenting green coffee beans in barrels once used to create alcoholic drinks and spirits like wine, whisky, rum, and bourbon. When green coffee is aged in this way, it takes on many of the flavor notes and characteristics of the oak and spirit, making a unique and flavorful bean.

How does the barrel aging process work?

First, small batches of green Kauai Coffee beans are added to rum barrels sourced from Koloa Rum. Koloa Rum is a local on-island distillery that uses charred white oak barrels to age their distilled rum for a minimum of 4 years. During the rum aging process, some rum is soaked into the barrels, imparting many flavors that spongelike green coffee beans soak up during the coffee aging process.

How does rum barrel-aged coffee taste?

Like paradise! We may be biased, but the combination of island-grown Kauai Coffee and locally made rum is a match made in heaven. Once roasted, our rum barrel-aged coffee has notes of chocolate, honey, and rum!

Does barrel-aged coffee contain alcohol?

No. Any alcohol the green coffee beans absorb during the aging process evaporates when roasted, leaving only the unique flavors and aromas of the barrel aging process behind.

Where did the idea for barrel-aged coffee originate?

The combination of coffee and alcohol is a long time favorite for roastmasters and bartenders alike, but the idea to create an artisan series of Kauai Coffees began back in 2016 when Kauai Coffee roastmaster Mike Shimatsu was inspired to start the Seed to Cup project after collaborating with other local Q Graders and hosting a taste discovery workshop for Hawaii Coffee Farmers. Sun Dried Typica and Acaia were the first critically acclaimed, limited edition small-batches to come from this creative endeavor. The idea to barrel age Kauai Coffee was a natural next step in fermentation and experimentation of the Seed to Cup project. Kauai Coffee and Koloa Rum have collaborated on other products, including the award-winning Koloa Kauai Coffee Rum that debuted a few years ago, so partnering again on a coffee-based product was an opportunity we couldn't refuse. Reusing the rum barrels for coffee aging is also a sustainable practice that extends the barrel's life beyond the one to two times it would typically be used to age rum, which is in line with our commitment to sustainability.

What type of coffee is the Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee

We used the Yellow Catuai variety to create our limited edition coffee.

Where can I buy Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee?

Our limited edition Rum Barrel Aged Kauai Coffee is available exclusively on our website. This uniquely crafted coffee won't last long! Order today and keep an eye out for other artisan offerings, including Sun Dried Mundo Novo.
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