Meet Mundo Novo Coffee

Meet Mundo Novo Coffee

Hawaii is one of the only places in the United States where growing coffee is a significant economic industry. While many coffee drinkers are familiar with Kona Coffee grown on the Big Island of Hawaii, there is so much more to discover about Hawaiian coffee beyond the famous Kona Coast. For instance, Kauai Coffee is the largest coffee farm in the country, with more than 4 million coffee trees on approximately 3,100 acres. We grow six unique varietals, including Acaia, Kauai Blue Mountain, Catuai (red and yellow), Mundo Novo, Typica, and Yellow Bourbon.

Exploring different Hawaiian coffee origins and experimenting with roasts and brewing methods will help you discover all the flavors and nuances Hawaiian coffee has to offer. Get to know Mundo Novo and order online to taste paradise today. 100% Kauai Coffee can be shipped worldwide, and subscriptions are available to ensure you're never low on aloha.

Mundo Novo Origin

Mundo Novo is an intriguing cultivar because it is a natural cross between Brazilian Bourbon originally found near Sao Paulo, Brazil and Typica, which can be traced back to Ethiopia. Mundo Novo was discovered in 1943 and has been distributed to farmers since 1952. Mundo Novo is widely grown throughout South America today and is an economically important and prolific crop in Brazil and Peru.

Roast and Flavor Profile

100% Kauai Coffee Mundo Novo is a staff favorite. It is part of our Estate Reserve collection created from the top 5% of our crop every year. Mundo Novo is a dark roast, medium-bodied coffee with crisp, woody, and nutty undertones. This bean produces a complex and rousing cup of coffee with expansive flavor and a smooth, wonderful finish.

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Preparation and Pairings

You can prepare Mundo Novo using any of your favorite coffee brewing methods. Here are some of our favorite ways to make and pair this exceptional cup.

Cold brew and almond croissant: Cold brew coffee is made by steeping grounds in cold water for 12-24 hours. You can make cold brew from any coffee bean or roast, but a medium to coarse grind is preferred.

To make the perfect pitcher of cold brew:

  1. Place 2 2/3 cups of ground coffee into a pitcher and cover with 8 cups of cold, filtered water.
  2. Make sure the grounds are fully saturated, cover and place in the refrigerator overnight.
  3. Strain your coffee through a cheesecloth or a fine metal strainer to remove the grounds.

Cold brew coffee is concentrated. Serve over ice with a bit of water or milk of choice.

The cold brewing process will bring out the nutty undertones of the Mundo Novo coffee, which will pair nicely with other nutty flavors like almond, hazelnut, or walnut. Try pairing your cold brew with an almond-filled croissant, nutty biscotti, or banana walnut bread.

Espresso or AeroPress and smoothie bowl or creamy grits

Mundo Novo is a dark roast coffee which makes it an excellent choice for espresso preparation. If you have an espresso machine or AeroPress at home, finely grind your Mundo Novo beans and prepare a shot of espresso according to your machine instructions. Serve with a generous pour of steamed milk or non-dairy beverage for a made-at-home latte or top with a light layer of foam for a cappuccino. Pair your espresso with a rich coconut and berry smoothie bowl or a luscious bowl of creamy grits to contrast and balance the woody, earthy notes in the coffee.

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Mundo Novo Coffee Reviews

Kauai Coffee fans from around the world love our Mundo Novo and have rated it 5/5 stars! Here's what they have to say:

Mundo Novo is our morning obsession!

"After visiting Kauai Coffee while on vacation, we had the chance to try multiple coffees and fell in love with the robust flavor and kick of Mundo Novo. Now, it is rare that we do not start our day with it. We favor dark roasts; this is perfection in a mug because it is perfectly balanced but not over-roasted." – Teri, Massachusetts


"Dark and rich and incredibly flavorful. I've been to the Kauai Coffee Farm a couple of times and have purchased online many times. I've tried almost every coffee they roast, and the current roast of Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve Mundo Novo is the best I've had. Outstanding!!!" – Joey, Alabama

Best of the Bunch

"Amazing dark roast that has an indulgent chocolate-like after taste without the bitterness. I Chemex and hand grind these beans daily. After trying on-site last year, Mundo Novo beat out all my old favorites. Love this coffee so much I order the big bag." – Lynn, Washington

Order 100% Kauai Coffee Mundo Novo now and browse all our 100% Kauai Coffee offerings online.