How to Cold Brew Decaf and Caffeinated Coffee

How to Cold Brew Decaf and Caffeinated Coffee

Temperatures are rising and cold brew coffee season is upon us once again! If you're ready to indulge in a smooth and satisfying alternative to your regular hot cup of coffee, look no further than cold brew. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through the rich history of cold brew coffee, delve into the process of cold brewing decaf and regular coffee, and highlight some of Kauai Coffee's exceptional 100% Hawaiian coffees you can use to create the ultimate cold brew beverage.close up shot of a hand plucking a ripe red coffee cherry from a kauai coffee tree

The History of Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee has a fascinating history that stretches back centuries. In the 1600s, Dutch Traders acquired coffee trees from the Ottoman Empire and began growing coffee in colonies throughout Southeast Asia. Sailors transporting coffee and goods throughout Asia were strongly discouraged from cooking with open flames while on board. So, without fire to boil water, sailors experimented with steeping coffee in cold water.

In places like Japan, cold brewed coffee's smooth and balanced flavor became quite popular, and cities like Kyoto developed new methods for perfecting cold brew. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, cold coffee drinks like Algerian Mazagran (iced coffee with lemon) and iced cafe Cubano became popular in the Western hemisphere. However, it was in the 1960s that cold brew gained popularity in the United States thanks to the development of at-home cold brewing systems. Today you can find cold brew coffee in your favorite coffee shop or cold brew any of your favorite beans at home with a few simple steps.

How to Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew is coffee made by steeping coarse ground coffee beans in cold water for 12-16 hours. The steeping process takes much longer than a typical cup of coffee prepared with a hot-water method such as drip, espresso, or French press because cold water requires more time to extract flavor from the grounds than hot water.

We recommend starting with a ratio of approximately 3/4 cup of coarse ground coffee for every 25 ounces (about 3 cups) of cold, filtered water. Here is everything you need to make the perfect pitcher of cold brew at home.


  • 1 pitcher
  • 2 cups coarse ground 100% Kauai Coffee Cold Brew or Estate Reserve Coffee
  • 8 cups cold, filtered water.
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Regular and Decaf Cold Brew

Decaffeinated and regular coffee beans can be brewed the same way. However, Decaf cold brew is a delicious and caffeine-free option for coffee lovers. Follow these steps to cold brew any decaffeinated or caffeinated coffee you like.

  1. Grind: Preferred Kauai Coffee beans into a coarse consistency. Use 2 cups of ground coffee for 8 cups of water.
  2. Combine: Place the coffee grounds in a large jar or pitcher, and add cold, filtered water. Stir gently to ensure all the grounds are saturated.
  3. Steep: Cover the container and let the mixture steep in the refrigerator for 12 to 16 hours, depending on your desired strength.
  4. Strain: After steeping, strain the mixture using a fine mesh sieve or a coffee filter to remove the grounds.
  5. Serve and Enjoy: Dilute the concentrated cold brew with water or milk to your preference, add ice cubes, and savor the smooth flavors of your homemade decaffeinated cold brew.
100% Kauai Coffee best for cold brewing. A bag of cold brew, estate reserve decaf and kauai breeze are shown on a table. A rainbow is visible in the background

Best Kauai Coffee for Cold Brewing

To elevate your regular and decaffeinated cold brew experience, explore Kauai Coffee's exquisite range of 100% Hawaiian coffee products. Our coffee beans are grown and roasted on the lush island of Kauai and offer unparalleled quality and flavor. Whether you prefer a smooth, well-balanced medium roast or the robust, rich flavor of a dark roast, Kauai Coffee has a bean to suit every palate. Find your coffee match with the Kauai Coffee quiz, or try cold brewing one of these exceptional options at home today.

Kauai Coffee Cold Brew: Our Cold Brew coffee is a 100% Hawaiian course ground designed to be cold brewed.

Estate Reserve Decaf: Our Swiss Water Decaf is up to 99.9% caffeine free with a balanced, gentle acidity and medium body with a silky mouth feel.

Kauai Breeze: Medium/Dark Roast with a smooth mouthfeel and subtle hints of chocolate in the cup. Delicately bright acidity hidden by nutty undertones.

kauai coffee cold brew and cake

Wrapping Up

Cold brew coffee is a delightful way to enjoy a refreshing and flavorful cup of joe without the heat. Following the simple steps above, you can create your own batch of smooth and satisfying regular or decaf cold brew at home. And with Kauai Coffee's exceptional 100% Hawaiian coffee products, you can take your decaffeinated cold brew to new heights of flavor and enjoyment. So, embrace the chill and embark on your cold brew journey today!

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