Celebrate Hawaii Statehood Day with Kauai Coffee

Celebrate Hawaii Statehood Day with Kauai Coffee

On the third Friday of each August, Hawaii recognizes the anniversary of the date it became the 50th state. From Saturday, August 14th through the 20th, we're celebrating by offering free shipping on orders of $50 or more*. It's a great time to stock up on your favorite 100% Kauai Coffee and spread a little aloha. Browse our 'ohana's top picks now, select your favorites, and save when you place your order between August 14th and August 20th!

Unique and Bold

100% Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve is the top of the crop. Our single-origin varietals and unique artisan options showcase the range of exceptional Hawaiian coffee. Add them to your shopping list to elevate your at-home coffee collection and taste paradise.

Kauai Coffee Acaia


Acaia is a unique variety because it is derived from a cross of Typica and Bourbon varieties. It originated in Brazil and is a cultivar closely related to Mundo Novo. Acaia produces a larger bean and fruit. It has a sweet fragrance with hints of chocolate, caramel, and nut, finishing with bright citrus and sweet tea-rose as it cools when roasted. Kauai Coffee Acaia brews a smooth, frothy cup with flavor attributes of milk chocolate, mocha, and caramel notes. The finish is bright and sweet.

Kauai Blue Mountain

The Blue Mountain varietal was introduced to Kauai Coffee in 1990. The seeds were collected from the University of Hawaii varietal trial plot, and a single field was planted at Kauai Coffee in collaboration with the University of Hawaii and the Hawaii Agriculture Research Center. Originally the Blue Mountain seeds were obtained from Jamaica. Once they were grown and established on our farm, the name was changed to Kauai Blue Mountain. The Blue Mountain variety is originally from Typica ancestry, but the Kauai Coffee is unique because it has other varietal influence crossbreeding early in its development.

Our Kauai Blue Mountain coffee is a unique, well-balanced coffee with a malty flavor and fruity notes. The ultimate expression of island coffee - smooth, mild, and subtle with a pleasantly bright aftertaste.

a bag of kauai coffee peaberry coffee sits on a wooden table with a white kauai coffee mug next to it. Greenery is visible in the background


When it comes to coffee, peaberry describes the coffee bean itself, not the origin or variety. Also referred to as caracol (Spanish for snail), peaberry coffee is a naturally occurring mutation in arabica and robusta coffee varieties where only one bean develops inside the coffee cherry instead of two.

Because peaberries are the only seed inside the coffee cherry, they tend to be smaller, rounder, and denser than their two-seeded counterparts. These characteristics can affect how evenly the bean roasts, which can affect the flavor. Peaberry lovers and some professional coffee graders also believe that because the single peaberry bean receives all the nutrients of the coffee cherry rather than sharing with another seed, peaberries can have more caffeine and taste sweeter than other beans as well.

Our Dark Roast Estate Reserve Peaberry is intense and lively with a pleasantly dry and smoky character. Medium Roast Estate Reserve Peaberry offers an arousing cup of coffee with a sweet fragrance and bright, citrusy flavor notes. It is a coffee brimming with tropical sunshine!

100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai

Red Catuai

Catuai was introduced to the Kauai Coffee Farm in 1987 with seeds acquired from Brazil. Today, Red and Yellow Catuai make up a little more than 80% of the coffee grown on the Kauai Coffee Farm, with 5% being Red Catuai and nearly 76% being Yellow Catuai. 100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai is a mild to medium-bodied coffee, touched by a smooth, sweet finish with a hint of cardamom.

kauai coffee kope olenalena

Roastmasters' Choice

Don't miss our Roastmasters’ favorite! Kope Olenalena is a medium/light roasted and delivers a smooth, pleasant, and mellow coffee with good body. Roastmasters Mike and Jorge recommend preparing Kope ‘Olenalena in a French Press or Chemex for a bright, complex cup.

Limited Edition Coffee and Gifts

rum barrel aged kauai coffee receives 92 point score from coffee review

Rum Barrel Aged Coffee

Our small-batch, rum barrel aged coffee is exquisite. We age our green beans in charred oak barrels from Kauai's own Koloa Rum. This process gives our 100% Hawaiian beans a uniquely delicate flavor profile that is complex, bright, and sweet with flavor notes of rum, cocoa, honey, floral, dried berries, and oak. In 2020 Kauai Coffee Barrel-Aged Coffee earned a 92-point score from Coffee Review.

kauai coffee summer blues box

Summer Blues Box

Hang on to summer with the Summer Blues gift box. It contains 100% Kauai Coffee uniquely crafted for cold brewing. Enjoy at home or on the go with your Kauai Coffee tumbler and plush beach towel.

kauai coffee tribal gift set

Tribal Gift Set

Everything you need to sample our favorite Estate Reserve coffees and enjoy them anywhere you roam. Set includes Kauai Coffee Estate Reserve 5-Pack Variety Set, Kauai Coffee tribal patterned stainless-steel mug with straw, Kauai Coffee tribal magnet, face mask and bumper sticker.

coffee is aloha

Kauai Coffee Accessories

Mugs, tumblers, espresso cups and more! Our coffee accessories make every cup taste even better!

Island Flavor

Our signature island flavors combine 100% Kauai Coffee and all-natural flavoring for an authentic taste of aloha. These coffees are made to be sipped and savored. One taste and you'll be instantly transported to paradise.

new kauai coffee vanilla cinnamon graham cracker

NEW! Vanilla Cinnamon Graham Cracker

Our newest island creation is inspired by starry nights around the campfire at Kokee State Park. We combined 100% Kauai Coffee with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon. It's like drinking a sweet and toasty s'more and will leave you craving more!

coconut caramel crunch coffee cake

Coconut Caramel Crunch

One sip of our Coconut Caramel Crunch and you're instantly transported to Hawaii! This popular coffee is made from our 100% premium ground Hawaiian coffee, featuring a smooth, delicious flavor and an amazing aroma. The combination of sweet, nutty caramel, tropical coconut, and our medium-roasted beans, makes this delectable coffee the perfect cup for any occasion. It’s a best seller and has been known to entice even a non-coffee drinker or two!

kauai coffee chocolate macadamia nut

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

Chocolate covered macadamia nuts are a beloved tropical treat from Hawaii. We combined all-natural chocolate with toasted macadamia nut flavor and 100% Hawaiian coffee beans for an authentic taste of aloha.

Toasty Banana Nut Cream

Hawaiian Toasty Banana Nut Cream is smooth and delicious! A luscious tropical banana flavor is combined with creamy vanilla and a hint of hazelnut for a decadent treat.

kauai coffee hawaiian pumpkin pie

Returning soon! Hawaiian Pumpkin Pie

The calendar may say August, but our coffee-loving hearts say it's pumpkin season. Hawaiian Pumpkin Pie is a seasonal favorite and it won't last long! Sign up to be notified when it is officially back in stock.

The Statehood Day sale starts Saturday, August 14th! Fill your cart with these and all your favorite 100% Kauai Coffee options now.

*Use code HAWAII. Free shipping is only valid on orders shipped via USPS. Canada, free shipping on orders over $300. All other countries, free shipping on orders over $500. No code required for international orders.

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