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All About Red Catuai Coffee

One of the best things about being a coffee drinker is exploring the diversity of flavors and textures you can extract from a simple, roasted seed. From the varietal's unique characteristics to the roast and preparation, there are so many interesting and tasty qualities you can savor in a single cup of coffee. That's why we love to share the origin and roast profile of our varietals with you. When you know more about where your coffee comes from and how it is grown, you can unlock a whole new world of flavor and coffee appreciation. Find out what makes 100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai so unique and our favorite ways to prepare and pair it.

Catuai Coffee

Created in Brazil in 1949, Red Catuai Coffee is a cross between the highly productive Mundo Novo and compact Caturra varietals. After years of development and study at the Instituto Agronomico of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Red Catuai was released for cultivation in Brazil in 1972 and is still widely grown in the country. Throughout the 1970s and 1980s, Red Catuai was planted and tested across Honduras, Guatemala, and Costa Rica, where it remains an economically important variety to this day.
100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai

100% Red Catuai Kauai Coffee

Catuai was introduced to the Kauai Coffee Farm in 1987 with seeds acquired from Brazil. Today, Red and Yellow Catuai make up a little more than 80% of the coffee grown on the Kauai Coffee Farm, with 5% being Red Catuai and nearly 76% being Yellow Catuai. Red Catuai coffee trees are a semi-dwarf variety, so it doesn't grow tall and forms dense hedgerows that are easier to maintain and harvest. It also produces a high yield of fruit and grows well in full sun and at higher altitudes, making it an ideal choice for the abundance of Pacific sunshine, mountain rain, and volcanic soil on Kauai.
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Red Catuai Flavor Profile and Recommended Roast

Red Catuai is known to have various flavor attributes and sensory properties depending on where it was grown and how it is roasted. 100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai is a mild to medium-bodied coffee, touched by a smooth, sweet finish with a hint of cardamom.

When you become a catuai coffee connoisseur, you may also taste notes of chocolate, honey, almond, and other warm spices like nutmeg. Q Graders and coffee professionals recommend a light to medium roast to bring out the best qualities of Red Catuai. Kauai Coffee Q Grader and Roast Plant Operations Manager, Mike Shimatsu, selected a medium roast for Red Catuai because it creates enzymatic by-products that make the cup more complex.

Preparation and Pairings

You can prepare Red Catuai using any of your favorite coffee brewing methods. However, one of Mike's favorite ways to prepare it is as a cold brew because it brings out nice chocolate flavors and nutty undertones that compliment the other attributes created by the roast profile. Get the Kauai Coffee guide to Cold Brewing here
coffee and banana bread

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Pairing coffee with food is a great way to enhance the flavors and unique characteristics of your coffee. It is easy to pair coffee with meals, desserts, and snacks like an expert if you can remember two simple pairing rules – complement or contrast. You can pair your coffee with foods that will complement and add depth or with something that will create contrast. For example, Red Catuai has chocolatey notes and nutty undertones.

To enhance these flavors and add depth, you can pair with foods that also have chocolate and nutty notes, such as chocolate chip muffins or toasty banana nut bread. For a bright and acidic contrast to the smooth and mellow coffee, try sipping Red Catuai alongside a ripe berry and yogurt parfait.

Coffee Reviews

Kauai Coffee fans from around the world love Red Catuai! Here's what they have to say. Wonderful! "This coffee is smooth, nutty, and not bitter. It is easy to drink black and doesn't need any help tasting good." – Sarah, South Carolina, USA

Smoothest Coffee "This is my husband's favorite coffee of all time. We tend to drink "candy coffee" with all the milks and flavorings. Not necessary, in fact, counter to enjoying the full, smooth flavor of this Kauai coffee!" – Marcy, Washington, USA

Best Coffee Ever "This coffee starts my day every day. It's that good. Mellow and full of flavor. I've served it to friends, and they now order their own. Beware, try it once, and other coffees just won't come close anymore." – Mike, Kansas, USA Try 100% Kauai Coffee Red Catuai today. Order online now.

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