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Kauai Coffee® is birthed from the Island of Kauai. It’s our gift to you. With every sip, from bold blends to vibrant tropical flavors, you’ll experience the beauty of Kauai’s land and people.

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The taste of sweet vanilla and toasted macadamia nuts will bring you right into Kauaian paradise. Smooth arabica coffee beans make this flavor delightfully balanced and a favorite of many.

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Paradise Pairings

Our tropical flavors are so delicious, you’ll be searching for more ways to experience them. We’re sharing some delicious recipes that incorporate the flavors of Kauai. So, you can enjoy a treat with your go-to Kauai Coffee blend.

Hawaiian Pumpkin Crunch

In Hawaii, no potluck, team banquet, or holiday get together is complete without Pumpkin Crunch at the table. A cross between traditional pumpkin pie and a buttery crumb cake.

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Coconut Caramel Crunch Coffee Cake

Our most popular creation combines the smooth, delicious taste of Kauai Coffee with all-natural nutty, caramel, and tropical coconut flavoring. The coffee alone is a sensation to sip, but in this recipe, it truly sings.

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Chocolate Hawaiian Irish Creme Cake

Rich dark chocolate and Hawaiian Style Irish Creme Kauai Coffee are a perfect pair in this decadent dessert. Add your favorite icing to make it perfect for your taste.

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Kauai Coffee with a Tropical Twist

Craving a bold, sweet, and refreshing coffee treat? Try this Thai-inspired Kauai Coffee. Thai coffee is strong and dark with a deep roasted and nutty flavor. Serve over ice and sprinkled with aromatic spices for a decadent treat.

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