Rum Barrel Aged Coffee


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Maria Krolicki- Riehle
The best

The flavor of this brew is amazing. Just the right touch of rum essence. I will definitely be being this for Father’s day gifts.

Deep Savory flavor without being Dark Roast

For years my favorite has been Peaberry Medium Roast, I’ve been ordering online since 2016. We finally visited Kauai again in March and this time we visited the Kauai Coffee Plantation. It was an amazing experience, we visited every single day to try as many flavors as we could. When we got home, I made a huge order, including this Rum Barrel coffee, and we made a pot in the Bunn, with our regular water, and it was good, but not the same. (How could it be, we don’t live on Kauai?) So I ordered Hawaiian water, and broke out the French press we bought on site. It was amazing. Perfect. Tastes like we are at the coffee farm! This blend especially, Aged Barrel, which is now my favorite. I need to order another one before it’s all gone! The sweet full hint of almost a kahlua without the buzz or high of alcohol, needs no cream or sugar. I take two scoops of my bean, grind them and place them into the French press, heat up my Hawaiian water, and let it simmer. Absolutely amazing. I don’t know if I can actually enjoy any other coffee anymore…. It’s perfection.

Alicia Palmer
Rum coffee for the win!

Smooth with a perfect balance of sweet and warm! Love it!

Paula Love

Nice hint of favor - oakey

Cynthia Mason
Not for me

The barrel aging seems to have added additional bitterness, or sharpness, to the coffee flavor. I'm sure some would like it, but not my favorite.

Kauai Coffee Influencer