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Taste Paradise One Cup at a Time.

Grown in rich volcanic soil, touched by abundant mountain rain, warmed by the Pacific sun and cooled by the gentle Hawaiian trade winds.

triple certified coffee

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Why Kauai Coffee is one of the Best Hawaiian Coffees.

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Coffee lovers worldwide recognize Hawaiian coffee as some of the best money can buy, but did you know that coffee is grown in several distinct regions throughout the state? Kona may be the most well-known origin from the Hawaiian Islands, but it isn't the only one! Kauai, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu all have unique environments and growing conditions that produce excellent coffee.

So, if you love Hawaiian Coffee, it's time to experience the Kauai Coffee difference and find out what makes our coffee some of the best Hawaiian coffee available today.

Kauai Coffee is Triple Certified and Award Winning

Kauai Coffee Company is not only the largest coffee farm in the USA but has also earned the unique distinction of producing Hawaiian coffee that is triple certified by leading sustainability advocates. So, when you drink 100% Kauai Coffee, you're choosing coffee that is not only Fair Trade but also better for people and our planet. We're proud to produce coffee that is...

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