Latest Farm Tour Reviews

This tour was very much life changing for us. We were so profoundly affected by the fact that you do not use pesticides in or around your trees that we came home and trashed all of our current coffee we had. And honestly we are very passionate coffee people. This trip completely changed our minds on what we will drink going forward.

- Jay W.

Really enjoyed our guide! She was knowledgeable and well spoken. Friendly!

- Myra S.

Fun, informative and worth every penny.

- Phil B.

Informative. Beautiful. Enlightening view into the creation of my daily cup o’ joe.

- Steve O.

So much fun! We learned a great deal at a good pace. Also enjoyed saying hello to all the workers we saw.

- Rosemary H.

Scenic, informative, insightful, fun😊

- Irma M.