Experience the Kauai Coffee® Difference

Hawaiian coffee is recognized by coffee lovers for excellent quality and superb flavor. However, while coffee from Kona is a well-known specialty coffee, it’s not actually a variety of coffee but a growing region. In your travels further up the island chain, you’ll find a notable growing region on the Garden Isle of Kauai.

What makes Kauai Coffee Distinct?

  • Triple Certification
  • Verified Estate Grown
  • Verified Single-Origin
  • Quality Controlled
  • Verified Traceability
  • Vertically Integrated

Ready to Taste the Difference?

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A Cup Above the Rest

Triple Certification

100% Kauai Coffees have earned the unique distinction of the three top advocates for sustainability and environmentally friendly practices from seed to cup.

Verified Estate Grown

Ensures the coffee grown at our Kalaheo Estate has remained on premise at our orchard under our care. Many Hawaiian growers utilize offsite processing and roasting. Further, our beans remain on our estate during the entire process from cultivation, harvesting, milling to roasting.

Verified Single-Origin Coffees

These coffees are traceable to a single geographical location and are not blended with other coffees. At Kauai Coffee, we are serious about traceability, and we can trace your bag of coffee back to the exact growing location on our farm. The uniqueness of a coffee’s taste and aroma derives from the growing origins soil, humidity, elevation, sun/shade ratios, and care tendered to the orchard. Single-origin coffees reflect these unique flavors of their region’s climate in their attributes.

Quality Control

Q Graders are the equivalent of a wine sommelier to the coffee industry. There are just over 500 Q Graders in the U.S., and Kauai Coffee’s two Q Graders meticulously manage the processes of removing defects that affect quality and cupping (professionally tasting), for flavor and aroma. Our Q Graders are experienced, passionate and cup our coffees at three different stages to ensure perfection.

Verified Traceability

Kauai Coffee is 100% traceable which is an important element in the coffee sector. We can verify our coffee was grown, picked and processed on our estate only. Traceability also offers assurance the coffee was produced ethically and sustainably.Click hereto learn more about our nine step process we use to trace each 100% Kauai Coffee bag from when and where it was grown on our 3,000-acre coffee estate.

Vertically Integrated

The coffee supply chain can often be complex involving numerous companies handling the farming, harvesting, processing, roasting, and distributing. At Kauai Coffee Company, we nurture each of these processes to ensure the highest quality and most pleasing coffee experience available from seed to cup.

Taste the Kauai Coffee Difference

For a superior cup of coffee, give one of these 100% Kauai Coffee varieties a try:

A unique, well-balanced coffee with a malty flavor and fruity notes. The ultimate expression of Island coffee - smooth, mild, and subtle with a pleasantly bright aftertaste.

Medium bodied with a crisp, woody, bold flavor and nutty undertones. A rousing cup of coffee - it boasts an expansive flavor profile and wonderful finish.

Wake up and smell the coffee - a combo of dark and medium roasted beans give this coffee an unmatched aroma.

See What our Customers are Saying.

“We live on the Big Island and cultivate our own coffee so we know what we like and Kauai Sunrise is our absolute favorite. We’ve tried lots of Hawaiian coffee… this is SO ono!”

Estate Reserve Kauai Sunrise
Jess – Hilo, Hi

December 2019

“This is as smooth, rich, and full bodied as gourmet coffee gets. It’s as good as Jamaican Blue Mountain (which is the finest coffee in the world), but grown in Kauai… I’ve been getting a bag of this every month in the mail for the last two years, and I’ve never regretted it.”

Estate Reserve Kauai Blue Mountain
Mark – Portsmouth, NH
October 2019

“My wife and I used to buy Kona coffee until we went to Kauai and discovered Kauai coffee. We now buy the Kauai Estate Reserve Peaberry and drink it every day. We absolutely love this coffee…”

Estate Reserve Peaberry
Saint – Michigan
February 2020

“I have tried coffees from all over the world with any imaginable roast. This is the most flavorful, smooth, exquisitely pleasant bean I have ever tasted. It is the same bean from the same coffee plant in the same soil and the same climate as Kona … If you try Kauai peaberry you will taste what I mean immediately.”

Estate Reserve Peaberry
Steve K – Denver, CO
August 2021

“The first time we went to Kauai (2006), we went right out and bought Kona Coffee. Then we visited Kauai Coffee Co. and it’s the only coffee we drink since then! … the flavor is the best, and it makes great gifts!”

Estate Reserve Big Braddah
Tom – Birdsboro, PA
January 2019