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Thomas Robert Mattern
Top notch coffee and great service!

I’ve loved Hula Girl medium roast ever since I drank it when we stayed in Pahoa. Now I can buy direct and save a bit here in the other side of the mainland.

Michael Kling
Love it!

Been drinking it for years, love it! Just look at my purchase records!

Joseph Fileppi
This review everyone should read

So after years of using a Keurig and Dunkin’ Donuts kcups I finally bought a moccamaster drip machine and went on a hunt for “the beans”.

I have sampled beans from all over the world, roasted all over the country and search for the perfect cup. And obviously perfect is going to be very personal to each individual person. A friend of mine was gifted a subscription to the estate blends, however, she does not drink coffee. She gave me the two that already come to her house and has been giving them to me cents. The first pot was Kole and was outstanding. I then began looking in to Kauai Coffee.

I have since tried every single roast blend, etc. in the search for what would become my every day coffee. I can tell you all of them are excellent, But I do have my favorites and one stood out as without a doubt my favorite to be my every day coffee.

Just to give everyone some context, As I mentioned, I am using a moccamaster And grinding whole beans. I drink my coffee with monk fruit sweetener or sugar and 3 tablespoons of half-and-half.

After trying all of them the regular medium roast was by far my favorite. My next favorite was Typica which is an amazing coffee and very well, one day could be my every day. But for now, I am buying 5 pound bags on a 4 week subscription. I’m on my second month of subscription and I love it. I also love that you can add things for one time purchases to your subscribe order which helps save on shipping if you only want to order a 10 ounce bag of a flavored coffee, for example.

The last thing I want to share is that the customer service is second to none. Karina, could not have been more helpful and insightful, and I’ve called her multiple times throughout the testing of different roasts and blends. She truly was a resource in this endeavor and my family plans on visiting her when they’re in Hawaii this summer.

To summarize, This coffee is delicious, the best I’ve ever had, and I am so happy that I get to enjoy it every single day. I am very happy to finally declare that “I’ve got the bean

Cathy Blackburn
We have enjoyed Kauai coffee for many, many yeary

I ordered it for my husband, and he loved it.

This is God’s Coffee!!!

Every day I get up and go to work. The highlight of my day is making a wonderful pot of coffee from fresh ground Kauai Coffee medium roast beans. Every day I tell my wife how fantastic this coffee is. She smiles and says she knows. Am I a fanatic? Yes at one time I had 90 pounds of beans in stock in case of a shortage. I love these beans. Yes I have been to visit the Kauai plantation. It’s heaven on earth.

Kauai Coffee Influencer