Coffee of the Month - Assorted Medium Roasts


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Pamala Draeger
Love Coffee of the Month

Hubby and I look forward to our Coffee of the Month subscription. We save this special coffee for weekends.
We also love waking up to our daily Kauai Medium Roast!

Mark Jayne
Another great Coffee from Kauai Coffee

My title explains it all. ESTATE POIPU Mild Roast. Great morning roast.

The Coffee of The Month

In December, as a gift to ourselves, my husband and I signed up for "The Coffee Of The Month". Every month we enjoy trying a new coffee. So far, we have enjoyed them all immensely.

Dan Holland
McBride Estate is a solid brew

We have had the coffee of the month subscription with Kauai Coffee now for about 8-9 years. While there are some other brews that we like better in this class, the McBride Estate is a solid contender. Low acid, and very drinkable (I do my coffee black with no other nonsense added). It pairs excellently with breakfast, such as eggs, omelettes, frittatas, and so on. Other blends stand out better to sweeter breakfast material, which we do not frequent.

I also find it perfect with Asian-Styled breads and so on that are much lower in sugar and have more subtle fillings like Red Bean and green tea - to which McBride is perfect with as its not over powering.

Kara Schumaker
Kauai Coffee Always Delivers Top-Shelf Tastes

I bought my husband the Assorted Medium Roasts Coffee of the Month subscription and it has been such a treat for us to create our morning brew with each top-shelf monthly roast. We also use the beans to create espresso which has proven to be the best shots we've ever put in our mouths - none of that bitter taste and lots of flavor. I highly recommend.

Kauai Coffee Influencer