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Kauai Coffee 'Ohana Holiday Traditions

If you are a Kauai Coffee fan, you are a part of our global 'ohana. 'Ohana means family in the Hawaiian language, and it is the driving force behind everything we do at Kauai Coffee. Our passion is growing and roasting exceptional coffee that you can feel great about sharing with your family. As we approach the holidays, we thought it would be fun to get to know our 'ohana across the country and around the globe a little bit better. We asked our community on Facebook and Instagram to share the unique, special, fun, and wacky holiday traditions they share with their families this time of year. So, cozy up with a cup of Chocolate Mistletoe, Holiday Blend, or your favorite Estate Reserve and learn more about traditions our 'ohana around the world enjoy this time of year. kauai coffee holiday traditions

Holiday Traditions Across the Country and Around the Globe

"Since moving to Hawaii, we have had no shortage of visitors throughout the holiday season! On Thanksgiving, I always make a pie for dessert, and we try to hit the beach when the weather is nice for some sand snowman building competitions." – Tessa M. "Every year, someone in our large family makes the same French Christmas cookies our grandmother made from irons she brought over from France." – Cherie M. "Every year, my family gives a gift in memory of my son, who died when he was seven years old from heart defects. We choose someone different every year who is not necessarily economically needy but a person or family that needs to know that they are special and loved. We call it "Ian's Gift" I always write a short note to tell the person about my sweet boy. This year's box is going to include a pound of Kauai Coffee Company since our family was able to visit your farm this summer." – Amy M. "In Thailand, we don't celebrate this time of year; however, there are special discounts and sales at most malls, so we hang out and spend time with friends and loved ones the shops and restaurants." – Chutkeaw R. "We have at least 2lbs of shrimp every Christmas with special drinks and desserts. I love this time of year!" – Jackie F. "Since we got married, we decided to stop traveling the length and breadth of the U.K. and spending more in our car than with family. We now buy our turkey from a local turkey auction, and it's a family day out. We get to have brunch with our boys and get a free-range turkey that has lived a great life on a farm, which feeds us for ages thanks to the freezers (turkey and ham pie, turkey stroganoff – you name it!!). I need some aloha in my coffee pot and I'm all set for the season!!" – Jane L. "We're traveling to Hawaii to spend a couple of weeks on Kauai!" – A. P. "We always watch the John Wayne classic, Donovan's Reef. It's a great Christmas movie that was filmed on Kauai!" Eileen B. "I do a 12 Days of Christmas gifts for my daughter. I started it when she left home as a way to help her holiday be bright." – Shirley G. "We do lights outside and Christmas tree and room decorations inside while we sing along to carols." Cor O. "We do a Christmas Movie Countdown every night til Christmas Day. Elf, Home Alone 1&2, A Christmas Carol, Its a Wonderful Life, Christmas Vacation, Family Man, and more." – Kenny P.
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