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Best Coffee Gifts for Dads and Recent Grads

Summer is here and it's time to celebrate. Father's Day is quickly approaching, and your weekends may also be filling up with weddings and graduation ceremonies to attend. Now is the time to find the perfect gift for all of your coffee-loving friends and family. Father and child visit kauai coffee Skip the traditional neckties and grad gifts for something with a little more aloha. Check out our gift guide for the best Kauai Coffee gifts for dads, recent grads, brides, grooms, and anyone you'd like to share a cup of coffee with this month.

Create a Father's Day Gift Box

If your dad's idea of a perfect day includes relaxing by the water, drinking coffee, and munching on delicious snacks, create a gift set that is perfect for him. Pair our Estate Reserve or 100% Kauai Coffee with a logo item, mug and tasty treat for a personal and thoughtful gift. Make dad a cup of coffee and pack your new goodies for a day at the beach or on the boat. Either way, your coffee gift is sure to add a little aloha to his day. kauai coffee ohana collection

Kauai Coffee 'Ohana Collection

'Ohana means family, and this unique collection of 100% Kauai Coffee is a gift you can feel great about sharing with yours. From dark and bold to mild and bright, the 'Ohana Collection has something for every type of coffee lover. Try one or mix and match them into a custom set.

kauai coffee big braddah spice rubs

Big Braddah Kauai Coffee Rubs

This one is for the dad who loves the barbeque as much as he loves his morning coffee. Big Braddah Spice Rubs are made with Kauai Coffee by our friends at Aloha Spice Company, also located on Kauai. This set features four different coffee rubs in a variety of flavors. Enjoy the unique taste of Mother's Garden with a hint of lavender and Hawaiian sea salt, or Cajun Luau with sesame, paprika, and citrus. Our Double Espresso rub contains spicy black pepper, red pepper, and garlic, and the Kiawe Smoke and Spice combines Kauai Coffee with sweet sugar cane and natural smoke flavor. Big Braddah Rubs will help your dad elevate his BBQ game and are delicious on various vegetables and meat.

kauai coffee rooster alarm gift set for dads and recent grads

Rooster Alarm Gift Set

If you're celebrating a recent high school or college grad this month, help them start their next part of their journey wide awake and on the right track. Rooster Alarm is a Kauai Coffee classic and fan favorite. Sweet molasses and malty undertones complement its rich chocolatey flavor and make it an excellent way to start the day. This gift also contains a beautifully designed Rooster Alarm logo mug, orange Kauai trucker cap, and Big Braddah BBQ Rub. kauai coffee estate reserve

100% Estate Reserve

Dad always gives you his best, and he deserves nothing less. Our Estate Reserve coffee is chosen by our experts and represents the finest of our 100% Kauai Coffee beans. For the Hawaiian coffee connoisseur, these coffees are presented both as estate-designated and single-coffee varietals. Some popular varietals include Kauai Blue Mountain and Mundo Novo coffees.

Kauai Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set

Cold Brew Summer Blues Gift Box

Dads, grads, brides, and grooms all work hard and have earned a cool and refreshing break. Reward their accomplishments and celebrate their love with the Kauai Coffee Summer Blues Gift Set. This gift comes with everything you need to make exceptional cold brew coffee at home and enjoy it on the go. Set includes one 10 oz bag of Cold Brew coffee, one blue beach towel, and one travel cup, perfect for enjoying a taste of Hawaii from anywhere! Kauai Coffee subscription box

Monthly Kauai Coffee Subscription Experience

Celebrate Dad all year with a Kauai Coffee subscription. Choose the coffee experience and delivery schedule that suits his needs, and he'll never be low on aloha again.

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Kauai Coffee Apparel and Accessories

Keep Dad looking sharp in a variety of Kauai Coffee gear. We have many logo items from aloha shirts to ball caps to help him stay cool and look great.

Gift Certificates

Not sure what to get for your dad, recent grads, and grooms? A Kauai Coffee gift card is a thoughtful and flexible option. You choose the amount, and your friends and family can select from our Estate Reserve, 100% Kauai Coffee, gifts, apparel, and so much more. Treating your dad, recent grads, brides, and grooms to the gift of 100% Kauai Coffee is a thoughtful and sustainable way to say aloha, and I love you. Order online now to make sure your gift arrives on time.
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