Our Hawaiian Coffees

Kauai Estate Reserve

Chosen by our experts, and representing the finest of our Kauai coffee beans, only a select few are designated as Estate Reserve. For the Hawaiian coffee connoisseur, these coffees are presented both as estate-designated and single-coffee varietals. Some popular blends include Peaberry and Blue Mountain coffees.

Kauai Roastmaster's Choice Coffee

Specialty roasts exclusively from our premier Estate Reserve coffees that showcase the unique qualities of our exemplary beans.

Roastmaster’s Choice

Kauai Blue Mountain Coffee

This signature coffee is smooth, subtle and mild, with fruity notes, a hint of malt, and a deliciously bright finish.

Blue Mountain

Kauai Mundo Novo Coffee

An expansive taste profile encompassing a crisp, woody flavor with nutty undertones and a wonderful finish.

Mundo Novo

Kauai Peaberry Coffee

Lively, robust and intensely flavorful, this coffee is pleasantly dry with a smoky character.


Kauai Typica Coffee

Bright with just a bit of tartness that balances this varietal’s rich, sweet notes.


Kauai Poipu Estate Coffee

A delicate, floral aroma that gives way to a
well-rounded and
full-bodied coffee.

Poipu Estate

Kauai Decaf Coffee

We use the gentle Swiss method of water processing, sacrificing none of our coffee’s smoothness, body or flavor.

Swiss Water Decaf

100% Kauai Coffees

Each year, only a very select portion of our harvest is set aside. It is from these premium coffee beans that our Roastmasters capture the easygoing character and subtle nuances that distinguish Kauai Hawaiian Coffee.


Regular Medium Roast

Roasted in small batches, this is a mellow,
easy-drinking coffee with a bright flavor.

Regular Medium

Swiss Water Decaf

We use the gentle,
chemical-free Swiss method of water processing to decaffeinate our coffees. This ensures the quality, smoothness, body, and flavor.

Swiss Water Decaf

Chocolate Macadamia Nut

The richness of chocolate and the sweet toasted flavor of macadamia nuts make this delicious coffee a treat.

Macadamia Nut

Hawaiian Hazelnut

Just the right touch of hazelnut adds an intriguing dimension and pleasing complexity, making this a coffee to linger over.

Hawaiian Hazelnut

Hawaiian Style Irish Crème

A nice subtle taste of sweet Irish Creme offered in ground only for that long lasting flavor
Available for a limited time…

Hawaiian Style
Irish Crème

Holiday Spice

A unique coffee with a special blend of spices. This is like drinking a gingerbread cookie. You can taste the ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

Holiday Spice

Toasty Banana Nut Crème

Our newest flavored coffee, with a nice, subtle taste of banana and nuts, and a creamy finish for long lasting flavor.

Toasty Banana
Nut Crème

Mainland U.S.

Koloa Estate<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />  Medium Roast

Selected from the finest beans from our Estate, this mild,
medium-bodied coffee gives you a delicious taste of the passion we put into our roasting and blending.

Koloa Estate
Medium Roast

Koloa Estate Dark Roast

Bold, yet clean, the full flavor of our Dark Roast is for those who enjoy coffee with depth and character. Rich with nutty and chocolate overtones.

Koloa Estate
Dark Roast

Vanilla Macadamia Nut

Warming notes of vanilla and the buttery taste of macadamia nuts come together in a wonderful smooth cup of coffee.

Macadamia Nut

Coconut Caramel Crunch

Subtle hints of coconut and caramel carefully blended with our premium beans to yield a delicious medley of tropical flavor.

Coconut Caramel

Specialty Coffees

Specialty Peaberry is that wonderful quirk of nature when a coffee cherry yields only one coffee bean instead of two. Peaberry coffee can be a little more intense with a delightful finish. And a local favorite, Big Braddah blend, is a full-bodied Hawaiian coffee with a soft, fruity finish.

Kauai ER Big Bradda

Our Big Braddahs coffee has a rich aroma with hints of sweet fruit notes complicated by a balanced acidity and a syrupy mouth feel. Full bodied with a soft side…

ER Big Braddah

Kauai Specialty Peaberries Coffee

Our most
sought-after coffees, Specialty Peaberries are available in limited quantity once a year after our harvest. So rare, our Estate Coffee Club members have first pick, followed by the general public.

Specialty Peaberries

Visitors Center Roast

Tantalizing and rich, this coffee features a captivating aroma of roasted nuts and sweet chocolatey overtones.

Visitors Center Roast

Single-Serve Coffees

Filter Cup, our new single-serve coffee pod, is A Better Cup By Design, allowing you to enjoy the smooth, delicious flavor and aroma of Kauai Coffee any time of day. The Filter Cup by Kauai Coffee is compatible with all K-CUP®* brewers.

NEW Kauai Island Coconut Caramel Crunch Single Serve

Hints of coconut, caramel and macadamia nut – 12 single-serves

NEW Kauai Island Coconut Caramel Crunch Single-Serve

NEW Kauai Island Vanilla Macadamia Nut Single Serve

Subtle hints of vanilla and macadamia nut – 12 single-serves

NEW Kauai Island Vanilla Macadamia Nut Single-Serve

Kauai Island Sunrise Mild Single Serve

Mild roast perfect for breakfast – 12 single-serves

Kauai Island Sunrise Mild Single-Serve

Kauai Garden Isle Medium Single Serve

Medium roasted with a smooth finish – 12 single-serves

Kauai Garden Isle Medium Single-Serve

Kauai Na Pali Coast Dark Single Serve

Dark roasted to be extra bold for those who dare – 12 single-serves

Kauai Na Pali Coast Dark Single-Serve