Kauai Coffee Company FAQs

At Kauai Coffee Company we take great pride in what we do and the 100% Hawaiian coffees we produce. We are always eager to share our passion and knowledge. Here is a short list of answers to the questions we are most frequently asked. If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@kauaicoffee.com

Each year approximately 5% of Kauai Coffee Company’s crop is selected to become one of our premier Estate Reserve coffees. These coffees are available exclusively to our Coffee Club Members, our Visitor Center, or in very limited quantities at our online store.

Yes, we have a free self-guided walking tour that covers who we are and what we do at Kauai Coffee Company. We also have video tours and friendly staff on hand to answer all your questions!

Kauai Coffee Company began planting coffee trees in 1987. Formerly McBryde Sugar, we have been farming this land since the early 1800s.

No. At Kauai Coffee Company we only offer 100% Hawaiian Kauai Coffee. All our coffee is grown, harvested, processed and roasted right here on our Estate. We do not blend our Kauai Coffee with coffee of foreign origin.

We have five varieties of Arabica coffee beans: Yellow Catuai (Brazilian seed), Red Catuai (Brazilian seed), Typica (Guatemalan seed), Blue Mountain (Jamaican seed), and Mundo Novo (Central American seed).

Kauai Coffee is generally less acidic with broader flavor profiles than its cousin bean from Kona (a geographical distinction on the Big Island of Hawaii). Also, as a product grown on a single estate, Kauai Coffee has a natural consistency that you can count on year after year, cup after cup!

Normally, acidity refers to how the flavors are perceived across a person’s palate, but many people are interested in a different kind of coffee acidity – the type that affects the stomach. Because our varietals have less acidity than other beans, Kauai Coffee is generally softer on the stomach. For those coffee lovers with a sensitive stomach, we recommend our medium roasted Estate Reserve products as well as our Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee which have great body and all around smoothness.

The employees of Kauai Coffee Company have the distinction of being the highest paid coffee workers in the world. Our employees receive a full range of benefits including medical, dental, and retirement benefits for themselves and their families.

Being a 100% USA product, there are no Fair Trade issues.

All of our 100% Hawaiian coffee can easily be traced to its exact point of origin. All of our coffee is double-graded and inspected twice; first by us, then certified by the Hawaii State Department of Agriculture to certify grade and origin.

No. Kauai Coffee Company is proud to say it uses no GMOs during the coffee harvesting process.