About Kauai Coffee Company

Kauai Coffee Company is very active in the local community and is a member of the following professional organizations:

Hawaii Visitors & Convention Bureau
Kauai Visitors Bureau
Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association
Kauai Chamber of Commerce
Poipu Beach Resort Association

The warm Pacific sun, rich volcanic earth, abundant mountain rain and cool trade winds of Kauai create ideal conditions for growing outstanding coffee.

Kauai Coffee Company is Hawaii’s largest coffee grower, and the largest grower in the United States, with over 4 million coffee trees grown on 3,100 acres. Kauai Coffee Company LLC, is part of Massimo Zanetti Beverage, USA, Inc., one of the nation’s largest coffee roasters, and is a subsidiary of the Italian global coffee company Massimo Zanetti Beverage Group.

Kauai Coffee Company is a true Hawaiian coffee estate. From growing the coffee to roasting and packaging it, we employ sustainable, environmentally sound practices throughout every step of the process here on our farm. Above all, we focus on assuring the highest quality and delivering our customers the consistency and excellence they desire.


Kauai Coffee got its start in the early 1800s as McBryde Sugar Company, one of the first sugar growers in Hawaii. The transformation from McBryde Sugar Company to Kauai Coffee in 1987 represents Hawaii’s largest diversified agricultural project in the past 50 years.

The Kauai Coffee venture experienced a severe setback in 1992, when Hurricane Iniki inflicted $8.5 million in damages to the coffee crop. The future of Kauai Coffee, and all of Kauai, looked bleak. Fortunately, both made a comeback, and in 1996, Kauai Coffee’s harvest exceeded the volume of coffee produced by the entire Kona region.



Over the past 15 years, Kauai Coffee has invested in all aspects of coffee production and processing. Although a relative newcomer globally, we are proud to be at the leading edge of coffee production technology and the sole producer of over half of the coffee grown in the United States.

Enjoy our tour to see the many steps we take to bring our delicious estate coffee to you.

Tour Our Process

Tour Our Process



Kauai Coffee is committed to following environmentally friendly, sustainable farming practices, and proud to be the largest drip irrigation coffee estate in the world with 2,500 miles of drip tubing. Our efficient drip irrigation system applies water and fertilizers directly to the roots of the trees, so there is no spraying or dusting of fertilizer on our coffee farm.

During the harvest period, we divert water from the drip irrigation system to the wet plant, where it is used in processing. Because we only use our water once in processing, it can easily be cleaned using a filter system and reapplied to the coffee fields. Our cherry pulp and the mulch from pruning are put back into the land as soil amendments. In addition to adding nutrients to the soil of our coffee plantation, this mulch also serves to reduce weeds in the fields.

We plant contoured plantings, hedgerows and diversions to mitigate runoff and soil erosion; therefore, the native forests and plants in our estate’s valleys and ravines are protected. We comply with all EPA regulations including the Clean Water & Clean Air laws.

At Kauai Coffee, we are fortunate not to have the disease and insect problems that other crops do. Herbicide use has been cut down by 75% through our cultivation practices. And our 3,100-acre coffee plantation is GMO free.